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A hipster Guide to Hong Kong

Published November 23rd, 2015

Never been to Honkers? You’ll be surprised to find a hipster-haven awaits; the kind of overseas city-break where you can still count on getting good coffee and awesome food. Where you can frequent trendy bars and pick up awesome fashion finds that’ll have you saying “Oh these kicks? I picked them up in Hong Kong; pretty sure they’re limited edition...”

Victoria Harbour hipster. Image: Rachel Surgeoner

Here are our top recommendations for a hipster-friendly holiday in HK:


Common Ground
This hidden cafe / shop serves some of the best coffee in the city. Right in the centre of bustling ‘Soho’ it still manages to pull-off a chilled, neighbourhood cafe vibe. The perfect place to chill, caffeine up, grab a bite and do some ‘graming of your best holiday shots.

Po’s Atelier
Feel like switching out rice for bread for a change? This cafe and bakery has you sorted with a selection of artisan baked goods on offer, plus the smell of fresh coffee being brewed round the corner at Deadend Cafe means you can have you latte fix too.

Mido Cafe, easily mistaken for a Wes Anderson movie set. Image: Rachel Surgeoner


Mido Cafe
Fit for a scene straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, with its quirky, retro decor, Mido Cafe is quintessential 1960s Hong Kong. The perfect place to sample a traditional Hong Kong milk tea and dig into Hong Kong-style delicacies from the old-school menu. Tip: The Mido-style fried noodles and braised eggplant make for a delectable lunch.

Bao down @ Little Bao. Image: Rachel Surgeoner

Little Bao
This hole-in-the-wall hipster-burger institution turns the concept of an American diner upside down with its modern approach to Asian cuisine. The staff at Little Bao make preparing burgers look like an art form, they also all happen to be very cool, in a ‘we only wear Comme des Garçons but we’re really down to earth’ kind of way. Come early and prepare to wait to be seated.

Bargain for more than just dinner at Tung Po. Image: Rachel Surgeoner

Tung Po
Make some friends and hit up Tung Po in a group – that’s the best way to enjoy the ‘fighting bowl’ antics and drunken Gangham Style antics that are sure to ensue from a night out at this cheap and cheerful HK institution. The music is loud, the food is tasty and the wait staff part-server-part-entertainer. Oh, and the beer is cheap and served in aforementioned ‘fighting bowls’, which are to be ‘cheers’ to and skulled fervently.

Chef Jowett Yu prepping the dins! Image: Rachel Surgeoner

Ho Lee Fook
The casually hip Ho Lee Fook serves modern Chinese cuisine with its inspiration coming late-night Chinatown eateries in New York, circa 1960s. Young Chef Jowett Yu (formerly of Sydney’s Mr Wong) is doing some seriously interesting things here that you need to try, after all Ho Lee Fook does mean “Good fortune for your mouth.”


Wooloomooloo Bar
The Victoria Harbour skyline is best enjoyed with a drink in hand, at sunset, from this trendy Wan Chai rooftop bar. This fancy steakhouse has a free-entry, open-air roof terrace on the 31st floor, perfect for enjoying a cocktail or two while the sun goes down over the city.

Settle in for a night of cocktails at Fu Lu Shou. Image: Rachel Surgeoner

Fu Lu Shou Rooftop Bar
You’ve probably met Fu, Lu and Shou before? The bearded deities of prosperity, status and longevity are common statues seen in many a Chinese restaurant, but here in this exclusive night spot, they take on a new meaning. For entry, you’ll need to check the bar’s Facebook page that day for for the code for access to the rooftop. With an impressive cocktail menu, it’s easy to while the evening away on the comfy outdoor couches.

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Sneaker Street
Sneaker freaker or simply a casual-shoe-advocate – you’ll find store upon store to shoe-fetish out at. Get the latest pair of Nikes, Adidas, New Balance et al for a way cheaper than back in Oz.

Shop at PMQ for one-off designer goods. Image: Rachel Surgeoner

The perfect place to pick up a ‘one-off’ designer tote bag, t-shirt or some handmade leather goods, PMQ is the new headquarters for Hong Kong’s up-and-coming designers. Stop by nearby Aberdeen Street social for an afternoon drink after your designer-retail-therapy.

Rachel Surgeoner

A self-confessed 'food-tourist', I take hunting for the world's greatest sandwich very seriously, my quest has taken me from Berlin to Hoboken. Stopping off only for vintage shopping, craft beers and Mediterranean sunsets.