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How to feel at home wherever you are

Published November 21st, 2015

Homesickness happens no matter where you are, especially for first-time travellers. Savannah Jane Buffett has spent a lifetime on the go, first with her father, musician Jimmy Buffett, and as the host of Ex-Pats on YouTube.

If anyone knows how to feel at home anywhere in the world, it's this lady. So we asked for her rules for the road.

You can feel glam or you can feel hippie. But you always want to feel at home.

Take something you love

Sort of a grown-up version of a binkie, my Steven Alan beach blanket is something I never leave home without. It's lightweight and fits easily in my backpack and doesn't take up too much room.

I use it on the plane to get cozy or at the beach as a crash pad. The striped print is fun and colourful and a great way to personalise my bedding at any hotel or friend's house I might be staying in. It keeps me feeling cozy and homey no matter where in the world I might be.

Don't forget your passions

I'm learning the ukulele and it has become my best companion on trips. It also fits in my backpack and rarely goes out of tune.

As if I didn't already have enough handsome charming musicians in my life... #NeverEnough #NextGeneration

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To my relief, not everywhere I travel has internet or mobile phone service, so it's a great way to pass down time on the road. At the risk of sounding cheesy, music is the universal language, and it's been helpful to know how to strum a few chords and sing a few tunes.

Keep your music close

I'm a DJ and a music lover, so I can't live without tunes and amplification. The best gadget I've found is the Jawbone. It's got a great sleek design, links up wirelessly via Bluetooth to my phone, and sounds amazing. It's a killer boom box whether you're jamming on a back porch, having an after party in your hotel room, or chilling at the beach.

Pack something to remind you of home

Luna Bars. As much as I love to sample any and all local cuisine, when you're on the run and adventuring around the world, you never know when you might need a healthy, safe or quick snack. Just like the boy scouts, I like to be prepared.

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Go local

I'm always afraid of being a tourist, so when I'm travelling I like to make sure that I always have a local contact on the ground to tell me what's what and show me a good time. You will never really see a place better than if you have someone who loves it and knows it take you around and point you in the right direction.

Stay active

I'm a yogi, which to me is one of the best physical activities a serious traveller can commit to. I can practise anywhere. All I need is myself and my breath. No gym, no shoes, NO PROBLEM.

Spring Break!!!

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Pack to suit your lifestyle

I'm a beach girl. And this one may sound stereotypical but I'm never without a bathing suit.

Even if I think I'm going someplace where there's no chance in hell I'm getting in the water, I still have one. You never know who might have a hot tub, where you'll find a pool, or who might steal you away for a trip to the ocean.

Remember those timeless travel buddies

I just had my Steve Madden brown boots resoled for the second time. They've seen me through music festivals, city-street stomping, and a jungle or two. They look chic and are super-comfortable.

Nobody loved Jazz Fest more than Teddy...

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Cash is king

I never travel with less than $100 in my wallet, even if I'm in the United States. On the other hand, travelling with too much is a silly move.

But you never want to be left high and dry. Whether it's a taxi, a tip, or an emergency, I find people always prefer the paper to the plastic.

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