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Published November 6th, 2015

When Student Flights consultant Luke Mackenzie decided to go to Oktoberfest he calculated roughly two weeks up his sleeve to do some more travel after the festival... Here's how Luke travelled to SIX countries in TWO weeks...

“Two weeks!? Of course I can smash out Oktoberfest, Trolltunga, Paris, Luxembourg, Amsterdam and Dubai!” – Luke’s famous last words [but he actually totally did it].

Here we go: 22 hours later we arrive in Munich!

Munich aka 'beer heaven' Photo : Luke Mackenzie

First stop:

Oktoberfest – also known as ‘the happiest place on Earth’ was where we spent the next two days. Inside a tent full of around 10,000 people where steins of delicious German beer were flowing and pork knuckles are eaten by the kilo. Yelling “Prost!” drinking out of your shoe while singing along to songs and dancing on tables! Best. Day(s). Ever!

On the last day in Munich we went to Neuschwanstein Castle where we walked around the woods and went for a row on the lake in rowboats. Very peaceful with spectacular views – a nice place to relax after –the last 48hrs of binge drinking.

Neuschwanstein - Fairytale much? Photo : Luke Mackenzie

Second stop:

Onto Norway! We arrived in Norway where I experienced driving on the wrong side of the road for the first time: really weird… After a casual 6 hours of driving we ended up at a ski village about an hour from Trolltunga. We rose at 4am and onto hike Trolltunga! The hike was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, with breathtaking views wherever I looked.

Dem mountains, tho! Trolltunga, Norway Photo : Luke Mackenzie

Although these views come with a price; the last kilometre of the trail is rock stairs. After hiking 21km it is pure agony! After that ‘leisurely 9 hour hike’, we get back in the car for a seven-hour-drive back to Oslo where we stay the night before flying onto Amsterdam the next day.

Third stop:

‘One night in Amsterdam’ – sounds like the start of a trashy movie, alas – nothing too crazy to report here, just a night wandering around the city seeing the sights.

Amsterdam at night Photo : Luke Mackenzie

Fourth stop:

All aboard for Paris… Or were we!? Turns out the Belgians weren’t getting paid enough to eat their chocolate and drink their beer. So there was a train strike. Luckily the lovely lady at Amsterdam Central train station organised us a few different trains to get us down to Paris.

Bonjour, Paris! FYI – turns out there are a lot of stairs here! I noticed this after my body was still a tad sore from my 22 kilometre long hike up Trolltunga in Norway. Still worth the climb up the Arc De Triomphe for stunning views of Paris, then onto the Champs-Élysées to the Eiffel Tower. Standing under the Eiffel Tower at night was nothing short of amazing! There truly is nothing else like it.

The next day I found myself wandering the streets of Paris and (despite my burning hamstrings) walked up the Eiffel Tower. Hot tip for young players - the line is so much shorter for the stairs!

Then onto Montmartre where I watched the sunset – something I definitely recommend for good views of Paris.

Je t'aime, Paris. The view from Montmarte Photo : Luke Mackenzie

Fifth stop:

Catch-ya Paris! Here I come Luxembourg! Luxembourg is a small country sitting in between France, Belgium and Germany. This place is seriously cool! In fact, it’s one of my favourite places from the trip. The people are so friendly and there weren’t too many tourists about. The city is full of quaint old buildings and arched bridges. There are also some ruins of some castles scattered around as well. It was fun to explore for a few days.

Impressive Luxembourg Photo : Luke Mackenzie

Sixth stop:

(Okay, technically this is a repeat) but we’re back to Amsterdam to fly out. Believe it or not, there is actually more to Amsterdam then drugs and the red light district! (Crazy I know…) Take a walk at night along the canals and watch the water in the canals reflect the buildings like a mirror. Just outside Amsterdam you will find the old windmills and farms with the odd cheese factory where you can enjoy delicious cheeses and wine!

Amsterdam's iconic waterways Photo : Luke Mackenzie

After Amsterdam it was time to leave Europe... But! Not home time yet. A quick pit stop in Dubai on the way home always helps the jet lag.

Seventh stop:

Chilling in Dubai! Well if you call skydiving right over The Palm chill. Skydive Dubai was epic! Then to the Burj Khalifa which has the highest viewing platform in the world to watch the sunset. Not gonna lie… it was a killer sunset.

Dubai in all it's glory Photo : Luke Mackenzie

From there it was time to fly home and catch some zzzs! “What did I learn from this trip? You can achieve a lot in two weeks, so get out there!” – Luke.

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