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Sneaky Brits: Top 10 items stolen from hotels

Published November 16th, 2015

There's a pretty well-defined line between pocketing a bottle of shampoo and pinching a piece of artwork from your hotel room. Most of us can recognise the difference. Others, you probably wouldn't want staying in your house.

A poll of our distant cousins, the sneaky Brits, showed how carried away we can get when no one's looking. Counting down, here are the 10 most popular items stolen from hotels. Try not to stoop to their level.

10. Bible

Incredibly, 7 per cent of Britons admitted to breaking the 8th Commandment by stealing a Bible from their hotel room. The irony.

9. Books

A further 15 per cent claim to have stolen a book. Considering most hotel 'libraries' are filled with novels by Jilly Cooper, James Patterson, Jeffrey Archer and Dan Brown, we're not sure this is something worth owning up to.

They're practically gift-wrapped.

8. Kettle

Nearly one in five (19 per cent) have risked ending up in hot water by pinching a kettle, according to the survey.

7. Curtains

We don't want to be drawn into speculation, but have 27 per cent of Britons really stolen the curtains from their hotel room?

Who? Me? Picture: Shutterstock

6. Artwork

I don't know about art but I know what I like. One in three UK travellers have admired a piece of hotel art enough to slip it into their suitcase, the survey claims.

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5. Picture frames

Presumably the guests who stole the artwork account for most of the 36 per cent who admitted pinching a picture frame from their hotel.

4. Cutlery

Hoteliers will have their knives out for the 45 per cent of Britons who admitted trousering at least one piece of cutlery.

Almost ... almost ...

3. Food/drink

More than half (51 per cent) of Britons have stolen food or drink from a hotel. Surely we've all stuffed a few extra bread rolls into our backpacks during breakfast? That's lunch taken care of ...

2. Batteries/light bulbs

Really? A shocking 57 per cent claim to have nabbed the batteries from the TV remote, or carefully unscrewed a bulb from the bedside lamp before secreting it delicately in their luggage. Enlightening stuff.

1. Towels/linen

The classic hotel steal. Fluffy towels are too tempting for 68 per cent of British travellers. Presumably toiletries were not included in the poll, as they're considered fair game.

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