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Top 6 Round the World trips

Published November 19th, 2015

Get out there and explore the world in search of new adventures with these popular Round-The-World routes that will take you to far flung destinations you’ll love.

Included are some suggested itineraries that take your trip from great to unforgettable. If you’ve got itchy feet and wanderlust in your heart, get inspired and start planning...

New York is always a good idea


This Etihad round-the-world trip takes in some of the world’s top cities. Firstly you’ll fly into Europe and you’ll have to make the big decision of which of Europe’s top cities to fly in to; Paris or Amsterdam? While you’re in Europe, take the time to explore some of the other amazing cities on a tour like the 10-day London to Berlin Tour, which will take you to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and more.

Once you’ve ticked Europe off your list, it’s time to head to the USA, Big Apple bound. Be dazzled by the sights of New York, and if you want to see some more of the states while you’re here, why not jump aboard a tour such as the 8-day ‘Big Apple to Big Easy Tour’, which will takes in the east coast and beyond, including New York, Washington, New Orleans.

Next stop on your round-the-world trip is the Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE. Distinctly Arabian and very modern, Abu Dhabi is an exciting place to visit. Explore the surrounding desert and oases on a tour complete with camel rides and belly dancing, enjoy the laid back yet cosmopolitan city vibe, and be dazzled by the palace and mosques.


Fly out of Sydney and into Paris or Amsterdam to explore the wonderful sights of Europe on the first leg of this round-the-world trip. While you’re in Europe, why not make the most of your time and head down to beautiful Italy on an 8-day tour? On the ‘Italy at a Glance’ tour, you’ll be gorging on pizza and gelato at some of the best spots in the country, including Venice, Florence and Rome.

After you’re done with the amazing history and culture of Europe you’ll be USA bound on the next leg of your trip. Flying into New York and out of LA, you’ll have a huge adventure making your way across America whichever way you wish. Why not join an ‘LA to Vegas’ tour while you’re there and head to the desert to visit the amazing Grand Canyon and San Diego.

The final part of your round-the-world trip will take you to Asia, where you can choose to fly into Bangkok or Singapore. Explore at your leisure or take it all in as you kick back and enjoy the ride on a tour such as the 14-day ‘Bangkok to Singapore’ tour, which will take you from Bangkok to beautiful Krabi and onwards through Malaysia including Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Gentle giants, meet the elephants of Africa


Get off the beaten track a little with this great round-the-world trip, which takes you to one of the world’s most exciting continents, Africa. Fly into Johannesburg and explore some of Africa’s many wonders, including the scenic coastal spots, safari adventures and fascinating tribal cultures.

Next stop on your trip it’s onwards to Europe, where you’ll have the choice of flying in to Paris or Amsterdam. From either of these places you’ll have easy access to the rest of Europe to explore at your leisure.

The final leg of your journey takes you to Singapore. Stay and explore this tiny island-country or head off on a tour of neighbouring Malaysia on a 10-day ‘Classic Malaysia’ tour, on which you’ll visit the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur and the serenity of beautiful Langkawi, the perfect place to kick back before flying home.


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If the Americas are big on your list of places to explore, you’ll love this round-the-world fare. First, fly into either Paris or Amsterdam and soak up the sights of Europe at your leisure.

Next stop, you can choose to fly into either New York or LA. Once you’re there, choose to see as much or a little as you like of this huge country, you could even head north to Canada and get your fix of mountain scenery and maple syrup.

For the final part of your trip its south to South America, where you can choose to fly into Sao Paulo or Santiago. While you’re here, why not head to Peru on the 8-day ‘Peru at a Glance’ tour. You'll visit Lima, the mighty Inca Trail and the majestic Machu Picchu.

When in LA... In & Out is a must #instaworthy #animalstyle


If Europe doesn’t float your boat, or you’ve been-there-done-that, this round-the-world itinerary might be the one for you. Fly into either LA or New York and get your groove on Stateside, before immersing yourself in
another equally intoxicating culture of a completely different kind in Africa.

For the second part of your trip, you’ll fly into Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city. See the sights and sounds of Jo’burg and explore some more on the ‘Kruger, Coast & Cape’ Tour and spend 22 days exploring the best of this region, including an amazing safari trip to Kruger National Park, and tour of Cape Town.

The final part of your trip takes you to Bangkok to spend some time in another completely different culture before heading home.


Start your adventures off with a bang as you fly into Johannesburg and explore South Africa’s culture and landscapes. Head off on safari, soak up the laid back atmosphere in Cape Town, and be captivated by the culture.

The next stage of your trip takes you to Europe where you’ll fly into either Paris or Amsterdam. Here you’ll have so many choices, with so many amazing places to see right on the doorstep. Why not jump aboard the 11-day ‘Totally Turkey’ tour, and even though you’ll not be visiting Asia on this round-the-world trip you can see the place where Europe and Asia collide in a historic melting pot of culture and wonder. Explore the magnificent mosques and markets of Istanbul, and visit Antalya on the pristine Turquoise Coast.

Next on your trip you’ll head to Sao Paulo or Rio, where you’ll be free to immerse yourself in the historical cultures of South America.

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