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Top Travel Destinations For Cat People

Published November 16th, 2015

Cats are cute. It’s science – and you can’t argue with that. They have funny personalities, can cuddle up a storm (if they feel like it) and are pretty much responsible for the success of YouTube and more widely – The Internet.

If online videos don’t cut it while you’re travelling then you can get your fix at a few cat friendly spots around the world. Check these out right meow:


Parque Kennedy (Lima, Peru)

Just a jingly bell ball’s throw from most popular hostels in Miraflores, you’ll find this park full of feline squatters. You’d think that over 100 cats would make a bit of mess, but a local charity along with the city sterilize the park twice daily to keep smells at bay. Have a gander up in the trees; I spotted at least ten cats napping lazily on branches like they were monkeys.

Sleeping cat pile in Parque Central, Lima #limacats

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Istanbul, Turkey

I’m sure there must’ve been a typo somewhere in history and it was actually called Catstantinople; not Constantinople. The place is absolutely crawling with kittens and they are friendly too. Cats are very well tolerated; even respected by the local predominantly Muslim population and Islamic lore even tells of a story where a “cat thwarted a snake that approached the Prophet Mohammed”. You’ll find locals leaving food and water outside their apartments daily for their furry friends. One even followed me back into our Air Bnb and made himself at home for awhile.


It’s the where cat cafes were invented. We can thank the Japanese folk for this novel idea, as there are now confirmed locations in Melbourne and Sydney. If you find yourself in any city in Japan just keep an eye out for neon signs showing pictures of cats along with a beer or coffee. I found myself tucked into one of these on a rainy afternoon in Osaka. Suffice to say, I left there feeling warm, loved and slightly drunk.

#catcafetokyo #calicocatcafe

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Cat Island (Tashirojima, Japan)

They shipped boatloads of mouse hungry kittens to this small island to take care of the rodent problem. Now that the mice are gone, you’ll find the local balls of fur hunting for cuddles and back scratches. Only about 70 human residents live here now, so the cats easily outnumber them and they have even voted dogs off the island. If you book ahead you can camp or stay in a micro-hotel to get your overnight fix.

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Houtong Cat Village – Taiwan

This former coal mining town saw it’s glory during the 70’s. But when the boom came to an end and the residents left, they left their poor kitties behind. A few caretakers popped in 2008 to care for the left behind pets and since then the town has turned into a bit of a tourist attraction for cat lovers. Its easily accessed on Taiwan’s well cared for rail line and you can buy pineapple snacks shaped like cats. Sounds paws-itivley delightful.

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Recent DNA tests confirm that cats were probably first domesticated in Egypt from African wildcats. Ancient Egyptians eventually worshipped them and the cat goddess – Bast (aka Bastet), representing fertility, motherhood and protection was held in high revere. The Great Sphinx of Giza, which is based on the body of a lion and head of a man is a must see for any traveller; but if you want to delve deeper into Egypt’s ancient cat fixation then head to Bubastis to see the temple of Bast – and thousand of cat mummies!

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The Cat Boat (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Next time you’re in The Dam, take a break from the coffee shops and check out the Poezenboot (Cat boat), you’ll find this floating shelter for strays on the Singel canal. Locals can adopt a new mate and you can donate to the cause to keep them – ahem – above water. After that, check out the Katten Kabinet – a museum dedicated to feline themed artworks by Picasso and local boy Rembrant.

Greets from #depoezenboot! #poezenboot #amsterdam #catboatamsterdam #cats

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Cat City (Kuching, Borneo – Malaysia)

Once you’ve finished climbing Kota Kinabalu you may want to rest your weary legs in Kuching for a few nights. You’ll find hundreds of cat related statues around town and a museum dedicated to them as well.

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