Travel Confessions: SF Consultant Amber Street’s Whistler Gap Year

Published November 30th, 2015

Have you ever been to a place so magical that as soon as you arrived on the bus and placed your first foot onto the ground you just knew that you’d love it?

Whistler is that place for me.

Adventures among the pine trees. Image: Amber Street

Do something crazy for once in a while and treat yourself to the total high-on-life experience that is working a snow season in Canada! I promise you, anyone can do it. So what are you waiting for?

Let me tell you how your average day here in Whistler would generally play out...

Your alarm would wake you up in your bunk bed with your head probably pounding from the night before. Soon you forget your sore head when you run to the window to find that it had snowed over night, and you’re as excited as a little kid on Christmas. You’re also stoked because you have the day off from work and have probably already messaged your friends the webcam snaps from up top and have planned a meeting time by the “gondi” (gondola) to head up and shred all day.

Mountains of fun! Image: Amber Street

If you’re one of the slightly less-lucky ones, you have to head to work, so you layer up and start the trek. The trek is something special though – honestly some of the best views in this world. You’ll catch yourself smiling and thinking to yourself how surreal that very moment is and embracing every icy breeze of wind upon your rosy cheeks.

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The day probably ends with a pasta of some sort… again. You then hear a knock on the door, you open it to find one of your new friends from [insert somewhere around the world] (think of all the new couch crashing spots!) looking for someone to party with. You end up out in the village where you catch yourself looking around at all the people you’re with and thinking to yourself how insanely incredible it is that you never knew any of these amazing souls until you placed that one foot on the ground back on that first day when you knew you were in love with your new home. The rest is history until your alarm goes off the next morning and you run to the window…

Friends in the wild. Image: Amber Street

There is no better feeling than only having to worry about 3 responsibilities:
1. Work
2. Going up the mountain (and shredding it)
3. Having some fun!

It all seems so easy now that I’m here, but I cannot deny that I had some freak-out moments before I made the big move, and I just want to tell you from experience – you have NOTHING to worry about!

You will be okay. You’ve probably been told this time and time again, but believe it yourself! You’re about to embark on the best six months of your entire life, you will make lifelong friends and you won’t be the worst skier on the mountain! You have no reason to doubt yourself. Yes of course, you’re going to miss your friends and family but we’re in the 21st century – we have Skype, Viber, Facebook, we even have hoverboards now?!

A home amongst the pine trees. Image: Amber Street

Worried about getting the funds together to go? The hard work and saving is worth it – experiences will make richer! Above all of that, remember that it is in fact OKAY to have those freak-out moments, it doesn’t mean that you’re making the wrong choice and heading down the wrong path in life, it means that you’re only human and you’re making the freaking most out of it!

Lake scene. Image: Amber Street

YOLO may seem like just another lame acronym we tend to rag out but honestly, you really do only live once and you will never be younger than you are as when you’re reading this very sentence again in your life.

Take the trip and make sure that you strap in and get travel insurance.

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