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Where would you Gap Year?

Published November 18th, 2015

When you want to take a pause in life, between the pressure of study and settling down into the real world, or you just want to shake things up a bit between jobs, head off on an adventure that will expand your horizons and create lasting memories.

If a Gap Year is on the agenda for you, check out some of these exciting options:

Make London your base for exploring Europe

London Calling

One of the most popular Gap Year destinations, London has it all. Party your time away, discover the history and culture of England’s capital, or use London as a base for seeing the sights of Europe. There are loads of opportunities for young Aussies heading to London, and although it might seem like a daunting prospect, in no time at all you’ll soon have memorised the tube map and picked-up a pommie twang. Give yourself a headstart with a Jumpstart London package that will set up housing, employment and even airport transfers for a smooth transition into UK life.

A volunteer Gap Year is more rewarding that you can imagine

Asian Adventures

If you’re up for adventure a little closer to home, look to Asia. There are many exciting and rewarding adventures to be had in Asia, especially if you take on volunteer work there and immerse yourself in the local culture. Visit Vietnam and help build a kindergarten for local children, or get involved in a community project in Nepal. These kind of experiences are so rewarding, and they’ll also boost your resume and give you something positive to talk about to employers when you’re back to real life.

Make new friends, work hard and play hard in Canada

Snow Bunny

If thrill seeking is your kind of thing, pack your bags and head to the snow for a season of fun and frivolity in North America. Canada is one of the most popular destinations for Gap Yearing Aussies, and Whistler in British Columbia is the pick of the bunch if you want the ultimate in skiing and partying. Work and play as you live your dream life in the ski fields, getting the chance to ski some of the best slopes in the world. When the season ends, take off on a trip across Canada or the states, or head south to Central and South America. The world is your oyster.

Live, Love and Learn French

Parler Français

Make the most of your Gap year and learn a new skill, such as a new language! An increasingly popular Gap year destination is France, where you can immerse yourself in the alluring French lifestyle as well as getting stuck in to plenty of vin et fromage. Teaching English in France is a very rewarding experience and will give you the opportunity to live like a local and learn the French language while you’re there. Don’t just stop at the language, try your hand at a cooking class in Paris or wine tasting lesson, and you’ll be passing for a Frenchy in no time.

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Amy Dalgleish

Wanderlust pommie, currently living the dream in sunny Byron Bay.