Eye candy: Penguins!

Published December 21st, 2015

Is it any wonder that the rest of the world pales once you have seen South Georgia, the island in the south polar seas close to Antarctica?

All photos by Debra Larsen

Coming ashore by Zodiac raft, you are welcomed on the beach at St Andrews Bay by the first of a very large group of 1.2-metre tall King penguins stretching out to the far horizon, outfitted in tuxes, proudly standing straight as an arrow.

King Penguins

Showing no fear, it is they who come up to look the visitors over, appraising them and then bowing. All dressed for a party, looking identical to us, they can of course identify their own chick out of many thousands.

King Penguins

At times, they will nudge their brown fluffball of a youngster forward to be 'introduced'. The visitor melts at this point, and often the delight is mixed with a sprinkling of tears at the thought of this rare privilege. To those who love nature, South Georgia stands alone.

King Penguins

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Author: Joan Larsen

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