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Q&A with videographer Pete Rogers on Vietnam with Contiki

Published December 8th, 2015

We caught up with Pete Rogers, a Brisbane-local videographer who recently tagged along with a bunch of Student Flights consultants on an epic Contiki trip to Vietnam, visiting Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Hanoi and Halong Bay.

Here’s Pete’s lowdown on the trip and some of the photos he took along the way!

There are about 4million scooters in Saigon and they own the roads. Image: Pete Rogers

SF:  What was the highlight of travelling with Contiki to Vietnam?

Pete: Having our Contiki guide was unbelievable. He was so knowledgeable and  helpful with every part of our trip. He had a real passion that was contagious and it kept you excited through every adventure.

Meeting the locals. These cool little dudes. Image: Pete Rogers

You visited Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An and Hanoi – which city was your favourite city?

Hanoi was my favorite city no question, it offers the intensity and huge scale of Ho Chi Minh City but also has beautiful architecture and tree lined streets that you see in Hoi An. Hanoi to me felt like all of Vietnam wrapped up into one city.

Vietnamese street food rules. Image: Pete Rogers

Best meal you had on your trip?

Seafood lunch on board the junk boat in Halong Bay – It’s hard to say whether this was absolutely the best meal on the trip because the scenery in Halong  Bay might be influencing my choice a little. But you’re served up fresh seafood including prawns, crabs, mussels and fish and while you eat you cruise along with the most amazing view of these mountains just standing up out of the ocean.

Underground caves in Halong Bay. Image: Pete Rogers

Best activity?

Exploring the caves in Halong Bay. This tour takes you down into the most mind-blowing caves, you enter through small openings and then the caves just expand to the size of stadiums. You’ll walk away in awe.

Can you describe to us Halong Bay in 5 words...

Unique in every possible way

Moody Halong Bay. Image: Pete Rogers
Them Halong Bay feels. Image: Pete Rogers

Craziest thing you saw?

The war remnants museum in HoChi Minh City was pretty intense. It gives you a completely uncensored overview of the Vietnam War. It leaves you a little emotionally battered but you definitely walk away with a greater understanding and a greater appreciation for the Vietnamese.

#contiki #groupshot #travelagents #studentflights #neverstoptravelling. Image: Pete Rogers

Any insider tips you could recommend to mates travelling to Vietnam for the first time?

Pack light, eat adventurously, talk with the locals, soak in every scene and love every minute of it.

P.S. Stay tuned for the sweet videos taken by Pete on the trip!

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