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Why I love my hometown, Paris

Published January 29th, 2016

Anne Ditmeyer, graphic designer and design*sponge contributing editor, lives and works in Paris. (It's the dream.)

She records tales of travel adventure as well as the charms of everyday life in her excellent blog Pret a Voyager. Here's her take on her home city, including tips for travellers.

Local breakfast spot: Any local boulangerie. If I'm venturing out, I head to rue des Martyrs. Chouquettes, croissant aux amandes and vennoise chocolat are my personal favourites.

Where you go when you need inspiration: I love the internet and am addicted to Twitter, but my best ideas come when I unplug and wander the streets or go to the pool for a swim.

Paris Fashion Week #ElieSaab #Tuileries #PFW

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Best spot for people-watching: Pick up pastries from Laduree and Angelina and take them to the Tuileries Garden. It's best during Fashion Week. Sit in the famous Fermob chairs and watch the fashionistas head to their shows.

Your office is located ... in my apartment. Which is 12 square metres. Talk about glamourous! The good news is I can work from anywhere, as long as I had my computer and Wi-Fi. And I do have an awesome view and great light.

You wish your office was located ... in a really awesome, bigger apartment. It need not be huge, but two rooms, my own bathroom, and laundry would be dreamy.

Your preferred mode of travel around the city: By foot. Traffic drives me nuts, and when you walk, one-way streets magically are two-way. The metro is also amazing.

Where do you go when you want to be in the middle of it all? I typically run the other way. Paris is small when it comes to 'big cities', so it can get crowded fast. Instead, I strive to be in places at off times, or during late openings. I hate being stuck in crowds.

Where do you go when you need an escape? To one of the 400 parks around the city, or one of the ethnic neighbourhoods, like Belleville. It always feels like a little adventure.

Ceci est le dernier jour de @serachoma au 10 Rue Pradier avant un retour outre-atlantique ! It’s Time To Say Good Bye ! Thank You Sera ✌️

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Most underrated thing in your city: The walkability. There's no need to go to the gym when you're in Paris. My sixth-floor walk-up is a work-out in itself. When travelling by metro I always take the stairs (half the time the escalator is broken). The city is small enough that you can stroll almost all of it. Which means you can eat lavishly without worrying too much.

Eating all the foods: Paris & Brussels edition

French fun: Montpellier buzzes for the party crowd

Most overrated thing in your city: Everything that visitors 'must see' on their first trip to Paris. Just wander the streets, get lost, it'll be okay.

Best place for an afternoon coffee? Le Rocketship is a darling cafe and design boutique. I love chatting with Benoit, the owner, as I sip my chai. I'm not a coffee drinker, and finding a good chai in this city is tough.

Favourite local shops? Rue des Martyrs is a great place to start. A few more of my favourites around the 9th arrondissement include Vanina Escoubet, La Chambre aux Confitures, and Vanessa Deutsch.

You dream about your meal at ... Chez Gladines. It's the best deal in town, and so satisfying.

Favourite local icon/monument/institution: Pere Lachaise. I love that even cemeteries are romantic in Paris.

Alone amongst the shadows; #Paris, #perelachaise, 2016

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The best thing about your neighbourhood: Paris 9eme, because of the lack of tourists.

Current local buzzword: For me it's profiter. It doesn't translate well, but essentially means something to enjoy or take advantage of.

Best book or movie based in your fair city? Amelie! I first saw as a young student in Paris. I love it for showing the city's quirks, charms and whimsy.

Best way to pass an evening: Drinking Champagne on the steps of Sacre Coeur with friends and happening upon a live concert on the street.

No trip to Paris is complete without a ... banana nutella crepe.

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