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10 ways to survive St Patrick's Day

Published March 17th, 2016

Full-blown, 1/8th or you have an Irish mate?  We all like to claim a bit of Irish on St Patrick's Day on 17 March every year.  From avoiding leprechauns to making it to final call, here’s how to survive one of the biggest parties around the world.


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1. Think big As many cities across the world host St Patrick’s Day celebrations and parades as Irish pubs serve beer. Well maybe not that many, but a lot. The mother of parties is in Dublin with a four-day festival, a full-blown parade with half a million revellers and around 1,000 Irish pubs to choose from. New York, Tokyo, Montreal and others also have a good craic. [embed]http://gifsfln.tumblr.com/post/79947690665/jimmy-fallon-celebrates-st-pa... 2. Go green It’s easy being green on St Patrick’s Day (someone tell Kermit the Frog). If fitting in isn’t enough to get you in green, know that wearing green also makes you invisible to leprechauns who WILL pinch you if they can see you.


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3. Clothes fit for a jig Pubs, public transport and everywhere else are busy on St Paddy's Day so expect a lot of queuing for your Guinness – wear comfy shoes worthy to carry you for your finest Lord of the Dance routine plus clothes you don’t mind having a drink or two or three spilled on. This is not a day to be precious.

The Small Bridge Pub, Dingle, County Kerry, Munster, Ireland.


4. Arrive early Head straight from the parade and into the Irish pub (you know the ones with Gaelic names, dark brooding furniture, green decorations and starting with an O’) – it’s probably your only chance of snagging a seat. Now, how to keep it, we are all ears…

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5. Pace yourself While it’s great craic watching drunken larrikins being dragged out of places; it’s not as fun when you are that person who is left in the gutter (we hear). Silver lining – someone might be around to play a small violin as you sing Danny Boy to a sewer rat.


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6. Fuel beyond black puddin' It’s going to be a huge day and your body will need sustenance beyond that hip flask in your back pocket to get you to the final drinks call. From bangers and mash and corned beef to boxty (potato cakes) and bundt cakes – why not keep it Irish?


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7. *Insert Irish lingo From a quick Google search we can arm you with: Craic= 'fun/enjoyment'. Sound = 'Reliable, dependable, a good sort'. Class= 'something that’s good'. Sláinte = 'cheers'. Find your quick facts here.


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8. Go beyond the black stuff Not everyone’s a fan of Guinness, but on St Patrick’s Day some 13 million pints of the black stuff are drunk around the world. The Irish are also compulsive tea drinkers (Irish tea, not that chai stuff), came up with Baileys (try some on ice-cream, stat) and boast some of the world’s best whiskey. Warm up with an Irish coffee (whiskey coffee), Barry’s tea (non-alcoholic!) or Bulmer’s cider.


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9. Turn St Patrick's Day into a pot of holiday gold There’s surely no better time to visit Ireland for a party than St Paddy's? Student Flights has teamed up with some of Europe’s best tour operators to bring you St Patrick’s Day tours that will see you at the heart of the action in Dublin followed by a journey making new mates all over Ireland.



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10. Have an escape plan It’s going to be busy and, no offence, but you are likely to be a tad messy by the time you’re ready to find home. If you’re in Dublin you will be battling with up to 500,000 people to get there. Stay close to the action/be patient/earlier in the day pin a note-to-self in your pants with your address and public transports/nominate a sensible friend. You’ve got this.

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