Beautiful village on the Cinque Terre coastline in Italy.


6 places in Europe that are too good for an Instagram filter

Published March 2nd, 2016

Anyone with a smart phone and an Instagram account knows how to give good filter. Aspiring photographers know the transcending powers that VSCO can give to an otherwise dull snap, and the vintage vibe a Nashville filter gives to an otherwise boring Sunday morning breakfast spread. When you’re travelling though, there are many truths that come to the light; friendships make or break, characters strengthen and more often than not, a setting is just so damn beautiful a filter would just be an insult.

Here are just 6 places in Europe too good for an Instagram filter. #nofilter

Cinque Terre, Italy

This centuries-old colourful seaside village along the Italian Riveria coastline, flanked by turquoise water and bobbing fishing boats = Italian Instagram heaven. Grab a gelato and snap away #nofilter

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Never heard of the Loftoen Islands? Yeah, neither had we. If you like beards and anchor tatts and could see yourself smoking a pipe out on the fjords with the local fishermen, this stunning Norwegian archipelago is for you. Go into insta-overdrive on the dramatic mountain peaks. Plaid button up shirts optional #nofilter


  #lofotenislandsnorway #norse #norway   A photo posted by Kimberly Uhler (@kimmi7199) on

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Everything TLC ever said was wrong when it comes to Plitvice, #chasewaterfalls here until you run out of space on your phone. Maybe invest in a LifeProof waterproof case #nofilter

Navagio Beach, Greece

Easily the ‘most-pinned’ beach scene in the Northern Hemisphere, Navagio’s pristine emerald green waters and white sandy beaches are too good for any post-production. Found of the coast of Zakynthos, in the Ionian Islands, also known as ‘Smugglers Cover’ this secluded stretch of beach can only be reached by boat #nofilter

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...Navagio Beach ☀ Zakynthos, Greece @thegreeceguide A photo posted by ⭐TRAVEL WITH HOTELHELPS⭐ (@travelhelps) on

Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey

#whitewash #mineral #healingpowers – you’ve all seen those stunning pics of Pumukkale. The gleaming white hot springs make for a prettive impressive holiday shot. One that says “I’m having the best time, being the best version of me, in a freaking natural spring, in Turkey” #nofilter


White mineral baths @turkey_home #AdventureInTurkey

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Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Pretty much every weird and wonderful landcape in #iceland is worthy of #nofilter, however the Blue Lagoon does have a certain something when to comes to the WOW factor. Let the magical minerals silica and sulfphur do the filtering for you #nofilter #bluefreakinlagoon


Fish out of water #lagoonlife #bluelagoon #naturalhabitat #steamy #blues #bluelagooniceland A photo posted by The Notorious N.I.C (@chingchella) on

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