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How to pack for summer in Europe

Published March 25th, 2016

If you’re lucky enough to be headed off on a European summer sojourn, make sure you’re packing the right stuff to enhance your grand adventure. I’m sure you’ve heard lots of handy packing hints such as roll your clothes (if it’s good enough for the army ...) and save room for souvenirs, but there are some fundamental must-haves that will make your trip that much more comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some of the essentials you’ll be wanting to pack for your next summer holiday in Europe.


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Passport (obviously!)

Make sure it’s up-to-date and with at least six months left before expiry.

Travel documents

Scan them into something (such as your trusty smart phone) as well as taking hard copies. You never know when that back-up will come in handy.  


Wi-Fi hotspots are plentiful in Europe, so you’ll be able to research travel, get help with language and even search for accommodation and activities while you’re on the go. Plus, you'll be able to Instagram your fave shots.  


All the air-conditioning and high altitude at some of the places you may visit in Europe can leave your skin seriously dehydrated. Keep looking fresh and fabulous for all those European girls and boys.

Hand sanitiser

No one wants to get sick while travelling (that's for when you get back to work!), so remember to keep your hands clean and body healthy.


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Sleep mask and earplugs

These two items can make all the difference when it comes to getting good sleep in hostels and on long-haul transits.

Something to read

Consider packing a kindle loaded up with bestsellers. That way you’ll always have something to read whether you're waiting at an airport, travelling by coach or train, or lazing on the beach. Plus, a kindle takes up less room than your Havaianas.

International adapter plug

You don't want you phone, kindle or camera to die, do you? DO YOU!?

Rain jacket

Even though its summer, the weather in Europe is notoriously fickle (especially if you’re London-bound), so don't forget a stylish rain jacket.


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Make sure they're sturdy enough to stomp around the cobbled streets of historic cities and hike up to beauty spots to get the best views, but still let your feet breathe in the hot Europe climes.

Inflatable pool bed with small pump

It won’t take up much room, and it will provide the ultimate way to relax and have fun in the sun at all your stop-off points around Europe. Plus it will make for some seriously envy-inducing Instagram moments.


Take a small bottle of Aussie sunscreen with you. The Europeans don’t take sun-damage as seriously as we do and much of their sunscreen is low-factor or even tanning oil (yikes).

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