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7 weird and wonderful souvenirs you need in your life

Published March 3rd, 2016

It’s always fun to bring back something a little quirky and wonderful from your holidays. The weirder the better, and the more your friends and fam will appreciate the thought.

It also rubs a little salt in the wound that you’ve been away having a great time while they’ve been stuck at home enduring work and university.

Here are some of our faves and where you need to venture to find them.

1. Possum Nipple Warmers - New Zealand

Do you know someone who suffers from cold nipple syndrome? This kiwi special would make the perfect gift for them! New Zealand is brimming with possum fur souvenirs, but these Nipple Warmers have us feeling super cosy!

#possumnipplewarmers #worldfamous

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2. Canned Fog - San Francisco

Your buddies and loved ones will really know you’ve been thinking of them when you hand over a genuine taste of San Fran with a can of fog from the bay.

Apparently this is the legit fog that hangs around the famous bridge, so they’ll truly be able to feel like they’ve experienced the magnificence of San Fran when they breathe it in!

3. Moose Droppings - Canada

Mmm Moose droppings, a Canadian specialty. Forget maple syrup, these treats are what you need to pack in your suitcase on the way home.

Before you get too grossed out by the thought, they’re actually just chocolate nuts or raisins, and they’re pretty damn delicious.

Crottes de Caribou, venu tout droit du Canada. Merci Bastien ! #canadian #moosedroppings #candies #canada

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4. Penis Charms - Bali

Yes this is a thing! The Balinese consider these hand-carved wooden wangs to be good luck (the men even wear them around their necks).

Just remember that they’re wooden, so you will have to declare any at customs on the way back into Aus. If you’re a little embarrassed, you might want to stick to the regular Bintang singlet or “I Love Bali Dogs” car sticker.

5. Golden Poo - Japan

A result of the similarity between the words for 'luck' and 'poo' (a mistake frequently made by tourists) and the Japanese peoples' love for making fun of themselves, the Golden Poo is one of the most popular souvenirs around.

Make sure you pack one in your suitcase after your next trip to Japan. It will bring you luck!

Kin no Unko (The #GoldenPoo). My new prized possession! #Japan

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6. Royal Family Memorabilia - UK

From team bags with members of the Royal Family on them to face masks, royal fever has gripped the UK since the marriage of Kate and Will.

All over London you’ll find stalls selling Royal Family-inspired wares, so you're spoilt for choice of novelty gifts.

7. Fake Flower Lei’s - Hawaii

Everyone should have a fake flower lei in the back of their wardrobe from that time their friend went to Hawaii and all they got was that fake lei.

Next time you’re in the 'Aloha' state, be sure to stock up for your friends and bring back some of that island vibe. They’ll thank you for it (or not)!

Welcome flower lei at Old Lahaina Luau #oldlahainaluau #hawaiianlei #mauihawaii

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