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Where to get your coffee hit in Europe

Published March 8th, 2016

One of the biggest struggles Aussies face abroad is where to find a good flat white. We’ll admit it, we’re coffee snobs. Are those beans single origin? Where is the milk sourced? Do you have a pour over? Cold brew? Some of these common questions might seem completely foreign off the beaten track Bulgaria, and while coffee connoisseurs should always try the local style; Turkish coffee in Turkey, espresso in Italy, it’s good to know where a seriously good coffee can still be sought out in Europe’s bigger cities.

To avoid a Starbucks or worst still, 7-Eleven caffeine fix, take note of these independent coffee joints in Europe’s most loved cities.


Nowadays good coffee is easier to find in London town, mostly thanks to Aussie and NZ expats serving up the finest flat whites this side of the Greenwich time line.


the kopi really taste different ☺️

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Anything with milk or bar sounds good to me A photo posted by Shelby Eastman (@shelbyeastman) on


Ireland, the land of quick wit and Guinness doesn't miss a beat on most trends, and thankfully good coffee is one of them.


It may be raining in Dublin but sunny vibes in the cafe ☀️

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There are a handful of independent coffee roasters and cafes waking up sleepy Edinburgh one perfectly crema'd cup at a time. 


Our opening day yesterday was so much fun, thanks so much to all who came through! We are open again today until 6! A photo posted by Obadiah Speciality Coffee ( on


Berlin is no stranger to the cafe scene, a city for creatives, good coffee and cosy cafes to hang in and steal free wifi are standard. Still, some have better beans up their sleeves than others...


Rain or shine, Companion's looking fine. photo cred- @carlyabramovitzä

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Sure you can get a café au lait at just about any cafe in Paris, but if you want a lovingly crafted barista-made coffee, head to Ten Belles.



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While cold beer is ubiquitous and cava (sparkling wine) flows freely, a good coffee can be harder to find in Barcelona. Satan's Corner Coffee has you covered, just a stone's throw from the Gothic Quarter.


Greek's traditionally aren't big breakfast people, a light pastry and an espresso is about all you can muster when wandering the streets of Athens before noon. Taf Coffee comes to the rescue with it's milky coffee salvation daily from 7am everyday except Sundays when they open at 12pm, cause even baristas need a sleep in every now and then. 


Ah, Italy, home of the espresso and the cafe latte! While it might not come served quite as you expect, the Italians cannot be faulted, they pretty much invented the art of coffee. Tip: a cafe is often called a 'bar' and if you're on a budget, take your coffee standing at the bar - it's much cheaper than sitting down.


Increasingly becoming well known for it's culinary scene, good coffee in Budapest isn't too much of a challenge, but for the best pour in town head to barista-champion owned Tamp & Pull. 


Not traditionally a capital for good coffee, Prague however has been an outpost for bohemians and artists for centuries, and what do bohemians love? Coffee. There are handful of reputable coffee houses across the city, with EMA espresso bar being the hippest.


How do you start new week? :) #emaespressobar #coffee #monday #newweek #coffeecoffeecoffee

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Once you've had your fair share of Viennese coffee (strong black espresso topped with whipped cream) and are ready for just a regular flat white, head to Pirates Coffee shop and roastery. The breakfast looks pretty impressive too. 


Breakfast is up, featuring our new Käse Krainer special ☕️ A photo posted by Coffee Pirates Vienna (@coffeepirates_vienna) on


No strangers to the coffee scene, Copenhagen hipsters can get their caffeine fix at a number of good cafes across the city, but our pick is Kafferiet.


GDMRGN kære venner hvilken morgen at vågne op til

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Coffee and a [you know what] is something to experience in Amsterdam. While its not okay to smoke up just anywhere, get a good coffee hit here at espressofabriek then head off on your Amsterdam adventure...

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