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19 types of ‘bad neighbours’ you might meet travelling

Published April 23rd, 2016

Personal space invaders. Tiny-bladder-window-seaters. Selfie sensationalists. You never know who you might find on either side of you while you’re out roaming the globe. When it’s a bad neighbour you’ve got yourself, you just can’t help but notice their bad habits, weird quirks or – gulp – bad breath. Here’s the worst of the lot you may (fingers crossed not) encounter.

Personal space invaders

There are all kinds. The worst? Perpetual arm-rest hoggers and OTT-stranger-huggers. And then there’s the, eeerrrmmmmm, ones who should’ve booked two plane seats to start with. #didireallyjustsaythat?


Farthest from the aisle but need the toilet the most. Plane seat shuffles are best kept to a bare minimum. Dude, take it easy on the water. You’re fine.



Clothes strewn everywhere and a whole toiletry ensemble set up in the dorm ensuite. And then there’s the barrage of stuff built up like a fort around their bed. You’d think they’d been living there for months. #getittogether


You’ve been to Croatia. He spent three weeks in Bosnia. You did a working stint in London. He volunteered in Uganda. You hiked Mount Kilimanjaro. He’s done Everest Base Camp. There’s always some guy out to one-up you. Every. Chance. They get.

Won't stop talking to you row-mates

Earphones were invented for a reason. Yeah, listening to music. But also to avoid conversation with people you can’t be bothered talking to. You’ve smiled, you’ve nodded. WHY DON’T THEY GET THE MESSAGE?! WHY DONT’T THEY GET THE MESSAGE?!

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All-day sleepers

Sssooooooooo, if it’s 4pm and you’re still asleep on the bottom bunk, do I really still need to be quiet?

Late-night “I’m home” announcers

Oh, really? You didn’t get back until 5am this morning? Yeah, we know. We heard.

10/10 snorers

The only thing worse than the all-day sleepers and the late-night “I’m home” announcers? The full blown snorer. Cue: regret for not packing earplugs.

Oh-so-happy-it-hurts couples

Touch-feely and joined at the hip. Eugh. It’s never nice to be around. Or, worse, hearing one end of it as a love-sick Skyper stares lovingly, longingly into their screen from a million miles away. Emotional anything should be private. Errr, get a room?

‘Mature’ travellers

They could be anywhere. On a free walking tour, in a Wi-Fi zone, in the hotel lobby. Worse – in your dorm. Cringe. Sure, they can be nice. But you never quite know how you’re supposed to act around them.

Selfie sensationalists

There’s always someone settling in for a selfie extravaganza. Up high, down low, to the left, to the right. No wait, let’s take that one again. Addicted much? Did you notice I’m right beside you? Awks.

Screaming anything

Baby, toddler, child... whatever. If it screams it’s bad. Sure, it’s hard travelling with kids – but basically, you should have just left them at home. #problemsolved

The complainers

The burger’s burnt. The sheets are stiff. Their shoes hurt. The list goes on. Nothing is ever good enough. These people are no fun to be around back home and the same goes on the road. Note to self – abort mission!

Fragrant fliers

THAT perfume lady, who you could already smell from 30 metres away but insists she must re-spray – 3 TIMES!! – while she’s sitting right beside you. And then she goes in for a fourth on the wrists. Overpowering much? #facepalm

Not-so-fragrant fliers

Yes, we mean you, Captain Smelly. Body odour, bad breath – doesn’t matter. It’s gross and you should’ve picked up on that by now to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Same, same for so-strong-you-can-practically-taste-it salami-stashes and other weird body odours we don’t want to know anything about. #anybodygotapeg?

Excessive noise-makers

Sniffers, constant-throat-clearers, grunters, sighers. Anyone who reads aloud. And that person that keeps haggling the crew for just about anything and forgets what it means to use their ‘inside voice’. #somebodymakeitstop

Queue jumpers

They weren’t there and then, suddenly, ta-da! There they are. Standing beside you. Looking around as though they’ve been there all along. Despite the fact that you’ve been standing in line for like, a WHOLE HOUR! Nuh-uh. Not cool, bro.

Nose pickers

Need we say more?

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Tijana Jaksic

After some hardcore scrimping and saving, Tijana’s first backpacking trip confirmed she was onto something good. She hasn’t stopped since. Fave memories to date include dancing with locals in the streets of Havana, bartering for too many scarves in the markets of India, getting lost in the bustle of Hong Kong, sipping cocktails in the Greek Islands and jumping off waterfalls in Croatia. Now she gets to write about travel for a living – the best way to satiate the wanderlust between adventures.