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Eating all the foods: Ugly food edition

Published May 4th, 2016

They say you eat with your eyes, but shallowness has no place in the realm of good food, only open minds. These global eats may not be lookers, but they pack a punch in the delicious department. Here are our fave ugly foods.


Eat it in: Scotland


Heart, liver and lungs mixed with oats and spices certainly doesn't sound appealing, but once you get a taste of this rich, meaty Scottish speciality, you'll be going back for seconds. It's even better if its sliced up and fried so the edges get all crispy. Neeps (sweet potato) and tatties (potato) on the side are a must. Just don't YouTube how it's made.


Best eaten in: Philippines

Never mind the peanuts; sisig is the accompaniment of choice to a drinking sesh in the Philippines. A flavour bomb of chopped pork (bits) flavoured with soy, chilli and calamansi, sisig washes down well with a few frothies. To be honest, you're going to need a few beers just to get past that texture.

Black pudding

Best eaten in: Ireland, England and Spain, to name a few 


Let's not sugar-coat things; its blood mixed with suet and breadcrumbs stuffed into a sausage casing and shines when served with bacon and eggs, and even scallops. Still not convinced? Well, 'they' are calling black pudding the superfood of 2016. Yep, black pudding is joining the likes of kale and Acai as it's a great source of iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Eating all the foods: USA edition

Eating all the foods: Philippines edition


Best eaten in: Hawaii


Well, truth be told, you can buy Spam just about anywhere, but Hawaiians go through about seven million cans a year. This infamous mystery meat is even celebrated at its own Waikiki festival in late April, the Spam Jam. You can try everything from Spam musubi to Spam ice cream!


Best eaten in: France


I don't think it's so much the snails that win people over, but the herbaceous, buttery, garlicky goodness they're smothered in. Some draw textural comparison to a balloon; others to mussels or clams. But, who even cares when it's really all about that sauce?


Best eaten in: Canada


Forget about kebabs; never mind a Maccas run. Late-night shenanigans in Canada should always end with a plate of poutine, a messy combo of hot chips, cheese curds and gravy. You'll find it everywhere, from grease-splattered fast food chains to hipster 'poutineries'. Plus, you know something’s gentrified a good thing when it’s been immortalised in doughnut form.

100-year-old egg

Best eaten in: China, Hong Kong, Malaysia

This Chinese delicacy isn't actually 100 years old, but it has existed for centuries. Preserved in a brining solution for a few weeks or months, the result is a salty dark brown hard jelly-like egg white and green/grey yolk. Add it to your congee and you'll unlock a whole new world of umami flavour feels.

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