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#holidaygoals to tick off in Costa Rica

Published May 13th, 2016

A trip to Costa Rica is all about getting out there and enjoying the natural habitat and all it has to offer. Here are some of the best nature experiences and adventure activities you'll want to put on your must-do list when you visit.

Swing through the treetops on a Zipline

There are lots of canopy tours set up in Costa Rica and many of them also feature zip-lines, allowing you not only to experience the magnificence of being up in the jungle canopy, but get the thrill of whizzing through it too. Around 90% of the animals in Costa Rica live in the upper levels of the trees so you’ll get to experience life as they see it.


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Spot sea turtles and sloths in the wild

As an eco-tourism hot spot, you’ll get a chance to get up close and personal with all sorts of wildlife here in well-managed natural surroundings. Here you’ll have a chance to see sea turtles hatch and run down the beach, as well as swim and dive with them in the many great dive sites along the coastline. On dry land you’ll have plenty of chances to see monkeys and sloths roaming the trees in their natural habitat, or visit a wildlife rescue centre for a guaranteed sighting.


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Climb an active volcano

Could there be anything more thrilling than hiking up an active volcano? This can be a reality at Costa Rica’s famous Arenal Volcano National Park where you can hike up the slopes and along the border of the active Arenal Volcano. Don’t worry, you’ll be in safe hands as tour guides are well trained when it comes to avoiding all that hot lava – and you’ll stay well away from the actual crater.


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Surf world-class breaks

Not only is Costa Rica blessed with a rich abundance of beautiful natural scenery, but it’s also home to some of the best surf breaks in Central America. Add to that the cruisey reggae vibe of many of the Caribbean beach-hugging towns and the warm sunshine and Costa Rica is truly a surfing mecca. Head to the Pacific coast for smaller waves if you’re a novice. You’ll find great surf schools and mellower waves at places such as Santa Teresa or Tamarindo.

Swim in waterfalls and hot springs

Can there be anything more refreshing than throwing yourself into fresh natural water that has just tumbled down the side of a mountain? If this is your idea of heaven, Costa Rica will blow your mind, with hundreds of cascading waterfalls running through the mountains and rainforests of the Costa Rican wilderness. Take a hike and cool off at one of the best spots including La Fortuna waterfall in Arenal Volcano National Park, or the amazing Rio Celeste waterfall in Tenorio National Park.

 So beautiful. Rio Celeste waterfall.

Another amazing thing to do in Costa Rica is take a plunge in one of the many warm and soothing hot springs that are heated up by the country’s five active volcanos. The most impressive is Tabacon thermal resort, where there’s even a swim-up bar!

White water rafting

Hold on tight! Costa Rica has some of the best and wildest white water rafting in the world! Day trips take you down rapids that will delight all levels, through some seriously gorgeous scenery. The Pacuare River is probably the most popular white water rafting destination, running for over 100km from the Talamanca Mountain Range on the Atlantic side, right through to the Caribbean.

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