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Killer views in US national parks

Published May 24th, 2016

We all know that the USA can get a bit carried away boasting all things ‘bigger’ and ‘better’, but when it comes to the epic natural scenery, they’ve really nailed it. Enormous parts of the nation are protected under national park status, preserving their unique features. From giant trees that will blow your mind to unparalleled rock formations and some of the biggest skies you’ve ever seen, the US national parks are an adventurer’s dream.

Here’s where to go to get the most jaw-dropping and unforgettable views.

Amazing rock features or canyons

The Grand Canyon

Even though you’ll have seen countless pics already, nothing prepares you for the sheer vastness and beauty of the Grand Canyon. Standing on the edge of Arizona’s famous gorge inspires a feeling of peeking into another planet, such is its out-of-this-world-beauty. For the best, most-Instagrammable views, head to the Yavapai Point near the South Rim Visitor Centre where the view of Bright Angel Canyon and the Colorado River is just epic.

Monument Valley

More surreal rock formations can be seen at the amazing Monument Valley on the Utah / Arizona border. If you’ve ever watched a classic Wild West movie, chances are it was filmed here, as the impossible towering sandstone features jutting into the desert sky create a classic wild west look. This is one view that’s so intrinsically American, it will inspire lasting memories of your trip.

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Pristine lake views

If mountain scenery and lakes float your boat, Lake Tahoe won’t fail to disappoint. Sitting on the border of California and Nevada, it’s one of the world’s most beautiful alpine settings, an enormous pristine freshwater lake, surrounded by forest and snow-capped mountains. The best way to experience the sweet panoramas across those calm blue expanses? Water-sports! Better yet, camp right on the shores of the lake.

The most amazing trees

Another thing that the US does bigger and better is incredible trees – they’re some of the biggest on the planet. Get ready to look way up high! The soaring coastal redwoods of California tower high into the sky at around 350 feet, running all the way up from the magical Big Sur to the Oregon border. See the most epic redwood trees at Redwood National Park, either on foot by hitting the trails, on horseback with a guided tour or on a gondola ride through the trees with Trees of Mystery.


Epic night skies

If big night skies are your thing, the USA is the place to stargaze in utter awe. Natural Bridges National Park in Utah is one of the most spectacular spots – an IDA-certified (International Dark Sky Association) park with almost no light pollution. One of the most phenomenal, out-of-this-world views here is the Milky Way rising above the incredible Owachomo Bridge, a view guaranteed to make you feel very small (in a good way!).

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