Bridge suspended over a beautiful river in Borneo.


Like your travels epic? Tick off these 6 trips!

Published May 26th, 2016

It’s one thing to trudge into Rome with your backpack fresh off the plane. It’s another to concur mountains, bike your way between villages, safari through African savannahs and live the boat life on epic sailing trips. Travel is never better than when it comes with a touch (or a lot!) of adventure attached. Don’t miss these epic adventures for all the right reasons around the globe.

Editor's Note: Some of tours and trips listed below have since expired - check out our latest flight, accommodation and tour deals here.


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Spending Halloween night in Transylvania

There’s Halloween... and then there’s Halloween in Transylvania. You heard. Just imagine spending this freaky-feelin’ event in Romania. And not JUST in Romania – in the very town where you’ll find the house of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Count Dracula. Expect haunting myths, scary tales and an out-of-control goosebumps situation.

Live (we hope) this night to remember on Intrepid’s epic Halloween in Transylvania tour taking in Romanian medieval towns, ancient churches and so much more.


Walking over a suspended bridge over a river in Borneo.
Borneo = breathtaking beauty.

Hiking, biking AND kayaking Borneo

Borneo is #blessed for all its natural beauty. And with epic scenery comes epic outdoor escapades. Max out the fun with a triple- adventure. Pedal the back roads of instagram-worthy countryside, over hanging bridges and stay in off the beaten track hillside villages. Kayak along pristine waters before diving in with a snorkel. And test out those sneakers on hikes to waterfalls, rivers and all the way up the famed Mt Kinabalu.

Sound right up your alley? Do it on this ah-mazing 9-day Borneo – Hike, Bike & Kayak trip.

Driving on the edge of the Appalachian Mountains

Enjoy epic views, no sweat required. Slouch back into your cushy bus seat and be wowed by (literally) effortless views that’ll still leave you a little, errrrr, breathless. Yasssssss it will. Cruise along the Skyline Drive, trailing along the crest of the highest and most scenic heights of the Appalachian Mountains (some peeps call them the Blue Ridge Mountains instead). Chill under oak trees, snack and snap piccies of pretty lakes before more wondrous window viewing on the cruisy drive out.

This is the only true nature experience on the Big Apple to Big Easy tour, taking in iconic stops from NYC, to Washington DC, Nashville, Memphis and ah-mazing New Orleans.

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Girl on a sailboat in pristine blue waters.
Check out them blues! So blue!

Sailing the blues of Cote D’Azur

Cote D’Azur isn’t just for fancy rich people. And you don’t need bucket loads (or should we say yacht loads) of cash to do it. Spend seven nights livin’ the high life on your own boat cruising around, stopping to sipg wine at monk-run restaurants, spot celebs on the beach and wander old fishing quarters. The best part? The beauty of sailing is that it offers unmatched flexibility to check out new places, follow the good weather and generally just take each day as it comes! Hells to the yeah!  

Keen? Jump on board on Intrepid’s Cote D’Azur Sailing Adventure departure, from Nice to Marseille. 


Spotting elephants on safari in Africa.
Africa = bucket list moments galore.

Going on a wildlife safari in Kenya

Coming eye to eye with your boss is one thing. But looking a cheetah in the eye is a whole other story! If you’re lucky enough to spot one, that is. Or is that unlucky? Either way, a wildlife safari through Kenya grants the chance to meet so many iconic African mammals IRL – elephants, lions, flamingos and over a million wildebeest if you catch their annual migration.

Sounds unreal, right? It is! Stop FOMO in its tracks and suss out this 8-day Kenya Wildlife Safari stat.


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Trekking (and camping!) beautiful Mt Pinatubo

Ever thought about trekking an active stratovolcano? Whether you have or not, it’s one of the best adventures on offer in the Philippines – in the Cabusilan Mountains on the island of Luzon, to be exact. Trek all the way to the crater with bulk photo opps along the way. Then camp overnight near the crater’s beautiful lake. Just imagine it by night: far from any buzzing city or nightclub – just you and the stars (okay, and your tour crew too). No doubt unforgettable though.

This is just one night of the awesome line-up on Intrepid’s 11 day Philippine Discovery tour.


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