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How to stay friends on tour - and after

Published June 14th, 2016

With Contiki’s kick-ass European winter tours, there’s never been a better excuse to take your mates on tour. And why wouldn’t you? Travelling with your buds means you get to share some of your life’s greatest experiences with the people you cherish most. Let the #goodtimes roll…

Spending 24-hours a day together in new, sometimes challenging and downright effin’ exciting situations… what could possibly go wrong? Not much with these simple pointers on how to stay friends on tour – and well into your golden years.


How to stay BFF's when travelling


Really. Not just for significant others, defining the travel relationship can help you work out what kind of friend you’re travelling with and how best to respect one another’s needs and wants. Respect. For example, if you’re an early riser and your friend is a late-to-bed person, work out how to respect each other’s habits be they alternating late nights or giving each other space. Same goes for identifying your love of me-time or your yearning to experience it all together!


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Holiday goals

Let each other know why you’re on this trip and what you hope to get out of it be it ultimate relaxation, party times or full on cultural awakenings! Unless you’re Tour Guide Barbie it will be hard to be your rosiest self 24/7. Above all, don’t sweat the small stuff. If shit goes sour, remind yourselves why you are all here. Be both respectful and participate in one another’s fun and/or give each other space to do what you both want to do.

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Holiday romances

What happens if your friend hooks up with someone on the bus and you become a third wheel? Or what if your newfound love has your #bestie feeling awkward? Workshop it – will you all share a room, let the other person know you are safe, have lots of friend-only time and know what will offend one another.


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Talking about money. Awkward. Many a relationship has ended with money troubles. Try go away with a similar amount, set up shared kitties for general expenses like cabs fairs, and even withdraw cash at the same time. Don’t be that person who never coffs up the coinage – unless you get robbed and here’s hoping your mates have got your back.


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Look out for one another

Not only are you here to share extraordinary experiences with your mates, but you’re travelling together to look out for one another too, right? If you’re all loose on the drink why not alternate nights (or dare we suggest a designated sober person) being the responsible one? Step-in when the street curry looks suss or sunburn is reaching blister point. 

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