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How to survive long-ass bus trips

Published June 27th, 2016

Forget the Xanax and ready-to-pass-out-post-booze antics, there’s plenty of common sense stuff you can do to survive a long bus trip without drooling on or stench’n out the person next to you...


Drinking a lot of water and applying moisturiser will help keep the air-conditioned dehydration bugs at bay. Maybe watch the water in-take if there’s no loo on board/you don’t like taking a tinkle on the side of the road.


Some say fasting helps some travellers survive long trips, but where’s the fun in that? In lieu of buying crappy stuff along the way (which probs won’t help you feel any better), prepare or pre-purchase your own snacks be they salad sangas or gummy bears. Don’t be that person with the stinky egg or other smelly food on the bus.

Create your bubble

Arrive for your trip early so you can call first dibs on your fave position and seat be it front/back/window/aisle. If people eating/talking/snoring will bother you pack your earplugs or noise cancelling earphones.


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Don’t know how? There’s an app for that. You’ve also go plenty of, um, free time to work out why people who meditate are happy and content.


Don’t be a stiff - get up and pace the aisles to rid the feelings of restriction and hunched over-ness. Utilise pit stops for fresh air inhalation and to stretch – just don’t wander off to far and miss your departure.


Having a lengthy conversation with a stranger or two not only helps the time tick by, but you may have also found yourself a new friend to hang out with on holiday. Double win.

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Play games

You can make friends (with plenty of time to spare) with a deck of cards. Rally the masses or just one other and time will fly. Gauge your audience before breaking out the Cards Against Humanity and the ‘never have I ever’ stuff.

Digital aids

Thank you iPhones, tablets and even the buses that now sport their own wifi! Prepare a few movies/series/books/games-to-clock to keep you occupied before your trip. And don’t forget to charge!


Kick-it old school with a paperback or pen your travel memoir while there’s not much else to do. Can’t read in motion? Get the audio version.


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Find comfort and forty winks

Comfy undies, pants and even a jacket for when the AC starts pumping should never be underestimated. Go five-star with a pillow-jacket-eye mask-sleeping tablet-herbal tea flask-whatever helps you rest.

Travel at night

Try for an overnight transfer, which means you will not only give yo’self a better chance of sleeping through the trip post action-packed day adventures but also save some pretty pennies on accommodation for the night.

Be hygienic

Find happiness in hygiene. From packing spare TP and hand sanitizer to tooth and hair brushes – keep your toiletries on board and feel all the more fresh for it.

Jolee Wakefield

A seasoned backpacker and travel writer, Jolee has spent the past decade wandering the globe in pursuit of good vibes, unusual conversations and unforgettable adventures like cave diving in Mexico, mountain climbing in Borneo and learning (failing at) local dances in the Pacific nation of Kiribati.