Christ of the Ozarks in Arkansas, USA.


21 #odd USA pit stops

Published July 25th, 2016

There’s a lot of miles to cover on a USA road trip. Have a break one of the country’s endless strange, weird, wonderful and just plain #odd road pit stops including…

1. House on the Rock, Wisconsin

A weird house owned by a recluse who turned it into an indoor area full of sea monsters, music machines, severed heads and one of the world’s largest carousels no one is allowed to ride on.


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2. UFO Watchtower, Colorado

Not the only alien road stop in the area, this ranch-come-campground is quite the spectacle, open to the public and ‘widely’ considered to be an area of strong galactic activity.


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3. Airstream Ranch, Florida

Imagine a Stone Henge made of eight classic American Airsteams hanging out of the ground some nose first in perfectly angular formation. Yep, that’s pretty much it.


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4. Hobo Museum, Iowa

A former town theatre turned tribute to all things American hoboes with a collection acquired over nearly 30 years of art, music, photos and then some.


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5. Unclaimed Baggage Center, Scottsboro, Alabama

America’s only lost luggage store attracts one million visitors to browse and purchase lost luggage in suitcases that take up an area larger than the country’s average city block.

6. Hershey Chocolate Factory Tour, Pennsylvania

Hershey is actually a town and for the past 40-plus years has been hosting a fake chocolate factory tour since the real one closed.  Think kitsch rides, free entry and lots of WTF moments.


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7. Cushing Brain Collection, New Haven Connecticut

Ever wondered what a brain riddled with tumours and disease looks like? Thanks to Yale’s medical school library you will never have to wonder again.

8. Dog Bark Park Inn (World’s biggest beagle), Idaho

Visit and sleep in the world’s biggest beagle come weird and cosy motel.


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 9. Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard, Vermont

Pay your tributes. Where all the failed flavours of this famous ice cream duo come to die…


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10. Cano’s Castle, Colorado

Said to be the home of Jesus (by its creator), a four-story castle made completely from soft drink cans and scrap metal. ‘Cano’ sounds like an Aussie-dubbed nickname.


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11. Hell, Michigan

Well it’s actually a town, but where else can you say you went to hell on vacation and actually enjoyed it?

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12. Lenny the Chocolate Moose, Scarborough, Maine

Lenny – probably the only anatomically correct, life-sized, nearly 20-year-old, 1700-pound chocolate moose in the universe.


#lennythechocolatemoose and a #bear with her #cubs! #chocolate, #subshine, and #Friday! Not a bad #lunchbreak if I do say so myself!

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13. Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail, Missouri

Looks like a mountain, holds a uranium refinery and leftovers of America’s largest explosive factory amongst the 54-acres of covered up waste.

14. World’s Largest Chicken Wing, Florida

Forget Montgomery, Alabama’s ‘world’s largest brick’ and head to Madeira Beach, Florida to pose with a thousand-pound chicken wing at Hooters.

15. Lucy The Elephant, New Jersey

If you dare, venture inside the near 140-year-old, 90-tonne, 65-feet-high tin and wood elephant affectionately known as Lucy that holds a full museum of her creation.


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16. World’s Largest Pistachio Nut, New Mexico

A concrete, 30-foot-high pistachio. Yep…

17. Shell Oil Clamshell Station, North Carolina

Apparently Shell’s namesake and logo was also the design of their petrol stations, with this one (non-operational since the ‘50s) still intact.

18. Fossil Cabin, Wyoming

Imagine living in a house made from real dinosaur bones. Or visit this one, a roadside cabin built in 1932!


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19. Cadillac Ranch, Texas

Amarillo hosts the leftovers of a 70s graffiti-clad dozen slanted roasters and ultimate tribute to American road trips.


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20. Randy’s Donuts, California

This giant donut in Inglewood has featured in many a film and cartoon including Mars Attacks!


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21. Chatty Belle, Wisconsin

Apparently the world’s largest talking cow, only after her voice box broke Chatty Belle doesn’t talk anymore…

If none of these do it for you there’s always the Christ of the Ozarks in Arkansas, the world’s largest chest of drawers in North Carolina or the world’s largest ball of sisal twine in Kansas…

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