Epic street scenes straight out of Japan

Published July 15th, 2016

With his camera the first item on the packing list, one of our very own (and super talented) consultants hit the streets of Japan to scrope out all the highlights on tour with Topdeck. Here's a snapshot of the temples, locals and beautiful vistas he encountered along the way through his own pics and words. 


Adventure is calling @studentflightsau @topdecktravel

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I always can't help but do a flatlay photo when I should probably instead be packing. It gets me in travel mode and the excitement built up! Once posted on social media, it helps rub in the fact that you're going a holiday and your friends aren't.



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Senso-ji Temple is the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo! A definite must on any traveller's Tokyo itinerary. One photo just wasn't enough, so I had to get a photo in a photo.


This place was magical

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This is Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, in Kyoto. A hot tip for young players: if you want an awesome photo without 30,000 tourists in it, get up at 4am and watch the sunrise through the bamboo. It's amazing!


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Fushimi Inari Shrine is one of Kyoto's most memorable stops. Walk up the mountain for four kilometers through over 10,000 Torii gates like this to reach the shrine at the top. It's such a cool experience. 

See more of Luke's amazing travel pics (when he's not busy booking other people's holidays!) over on his Instagram (@Luke369).

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Maiko's not Geishas; these are apprentice Geishas in training. It can take more than five years before they earn the title of Geisha. We found they were notoriously hard to find, just gotta know the right people!


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Sunny days in Japan, watching the planes go by. This is the Mode Gakuen Cocoon tower in Tokyo. The unique design is meant to replicate a cocoon and is really interesting. 



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There are so many amazing temples in Kyoto. To be honest, I went to so many that I can't even remember what this one was called! But I do remember it was awesome and seeing this iconic shot as two ladies walked towards the temple under an umbrella.


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I love playing around with different shots. This is another perspective of Senso-ji Temple with a really nice effect, which I did with a crystal ball that I always carry around in my camera bag. 

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