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Ways to make money while travelling

Published July 18th, 2016

You don’t need to become a travelling sales rep or transport unidentified items on your person across borders (please don’t do this) to make money while travelling. Here are a few of the many ways to make some cash while travelling…

Join expat life

Get a working visa and earn money doing whatever you’re good including popular options like working at ski lodges in Canada, being a camp counselor in the USA or teaching English all over the world. Become a part of the expat community and explore your new home on your days off. Or find jobs, like becoming an au pair in Europe, working on cruise ships or as a travel guide, where you can travel while you earn. Short or long-tern volunteering or WOOFing are great options and while you don’t get cash you get stuff like accommodation, food and sometimes even transfers and insurance paid for. Plus it feels pretty darn good.


Teaching English in an overseas classroom.
Got good English? Share the love.

Keep the home fires burning

Beyond selling everything you own at a garage sale, think outside the box from leasing your room/flat/car while you’re away to negotiating a few remote workdays with your job to at least cover your home expenses. If your job doesn’t allow for this, try being a virtual PA/whatever you’re good at like graphic design, entering 25 words or less comps or even answering online questionnaires. You never know your luck.

Show and tell

Freelance travel writers and photographers usually get paid after they return from their trip (with the exclusion of in-kind tickets, accommodation and the like). With the Digital age well and truly upon us, loads of people outside of these trades are making a pretty penny showing and telling their travel tales being Instagram sensations and selling images to stock sites like Shutterstock and iStock.

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Busk a move

I once met a guy from India painting the local Guatemalan scenery from the rooftop of a backpackers – he had been travelling for four years with funding from selling his work online. If you’re artsy, why not sell your works online via a website or sites like eBay and Etsy – or where local laws permit at markets and street side (like jewellery). Musical? Get cash playing gigs, entering open mic comps or busking permits. Good at PT or yoga? Advertise locally or join local companies as a traveling expert.


Man busking in the street.
Busking = easy and fun!

Think outside the box

Another person I met, in Northern Queensland, was armed with a metal detector on the beach. He had found enough coins in public spaces to fund most of his van’s fuel around Australia. Take on odd jobs for cash, food or accommodation on websites like AirTasker or Craigslist, plant trees, pick fruit or bring your clippers and charges a couple of bucks trimming hair at hostels. The vagabond lifestyle is what you make it.

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Jolee Wakefield

A seasoned backpacker and travel writer, Jolee has spent the past decade wandering the globe in pursuit of good vibes, unusual conversations and unforgettable adventures like cave diving in Mexico, mountain climbing in Borneo and learning (failing at) local dances in the Pacific nation of Kiribati.