A beautiful lake view in Liechtenstein, Europe.


Why visit the world’s smallest countries

Published July 27th, 2016

They may be the smallest by land area, but these tiny countries pack a big punch for travellers willing to give the little guys a go. Here are some of the ah-mazing reasons why you should be a traveller at-large in one of the world’s smallest countries…


Ranked the sixth smallest country in the world, sure Liechtenstein also featured on our least visited countries list, but we reckon you should give this German-speaking nation a chance! Ruled by a Gothic castle-inhabiting monarch, the European micronation is the only country located completely within THE Alps and is even available to rent (yep, the country).

The deets

Land area: 160km2

Location: Europe

Big drawcards: Charming capital Vaduz + first-class gothic castles and museums + hiking trails and winter fun


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San Marino

Europe is full of tiny countries. With a population of just 30,000 and surrounded completely by Italy, San Marino is the oldest sovereign state left in the world. San Marino oozes charm from ancient fortresses like Rocca Guaita to views from Mount Titano all of the way out to the Dalmation Coast.

The deets

Land area: 61km2

Location: Europe

Big drawcards: Medieval capital and fortresses + Mount Titano mountain walking trails


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Not the smallest Pacific island nation in the world (that would be Nauru), Tuvalu is a great place to take a step back in time and get in touch with nature and a more traditional way of life. Play sports with locals on the airstrip (and maybe get invited back for dinner), stop in for a chat with the PM, get castaway-ed on one of the many, small secluded islands and discover marine life like mantas and sea turtles off the coast.

The deets

Land area: 26km2

Location: Pacific

Big drawcards: invitation to join local life + secluded tropical islands + ‘wow’ marine life

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Bound by France, this ultimate luxury escape is the second smallest independent state in all the lands. Renowned for its tax havens, casinos and grandeur lifestyle along the French Riviera, everything from famous Larvotto Beach to the old-town of Monaco Ville is (obviously) within walking distance should you find yourself without a luxury vehicle.

The deets

Land area: 2km2

Location: Europe

Biggest drawcards: Grand Prix + Monte Carlo + castles, casinos and all-round bling


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Vatican City is separate to Italy. You wouldn’t be the first to forget the home of the Catholic Pope also happens to be the world’s smallest country. Vatican packs a lot into its small frame, pulling huge crowds to see The Pope, St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museum, home of the Sistine Chapel and nine stories from the book of Genesis.

The deets

Land area: .44km2

Location: Europe

Biggest drawcards: The Pope + St Peter’s Basilica + Vatican Museum + um, closeness to Italy


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