Salamanca Place in Hobart.


Long weekend feels in Hobart

Published August 25th, 2016

You’ve shopped Sydney. Done the Gold Coast. And tested out all the coffee haunts in Melbourne. So where to next? As it turns out, Hobart makes for a snazzy long weekend destie too. With stacks of direct flights daily from most Aussie capitals, it’s easy to coordinate flight times with friends near and far to all arrive in time for a sneak peak at all the foodie, arty, pretty and fun stops in Van Diemen’s Land.

Here are my top to-dos on a trip to Tassie’s capital...

Salamanca Markets

Find them smack bang in the centre of town. The Salamanca Markets are the thing to do on Saturdays, open from 8.30am to 3pm. Make your way there on a sunny day to feast on local produce and stroll through the myriad of stalls stocking handmade artwork and jewelry. I must admit, I was more into the food than the handicrafts. Nestled amongst the sandstone buildings of the historic Salamanca area, the street hums with the activity of happy-go-lucky weekend shoppers and local musicians. A must if you want to enjoy fresh Tasmanian produce at its best.


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Drinks and eats at Salamanca Place

After a hard day shopping and noshing, why not stroll over to the restaurants and bars that line Salamanca Place for an afternoon tipple. Depending on the weather, the outdoor bar tables are the perfect spot to soak up the afternoon sun with a locally brewed beer or cider.

Once the sun sets over the harbour, Salamanca Place is also the prime locale for delicious dinner options. My top pick was definitely Maldini, a family-run Italian restaurant housed idyllically in an old sandstone warehouse. I still salivate at the mere thought of those soft pillows of gnocchi in a pine nut pesto that surpass any gnocchi I have ever tried.


MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) was one of the main draw cards for my visit, and I am happy to say it actually eclipsed all expectations. We organized a boat transfer from the harbor to the gallery, and found it a spectacular way to arrive at the Cliffside venue. Dug into the side of a sandstone cliff face, this multi-storey complex is filled with weird and wonderful art, some not for the faint-hearted. The gallery houses the biggest private art collection in Australia, and includes unorthodox pieces such as the suicide machine, a dark chocolate suicide bomber sculpture and the poo-machine, an installation that mimics the human digestive system.

However, even if this type of art is not your scene it is still worth dropping by to enjoy the harbour views from the MONA cafe at the top of the cliff. Either pull a chair out into the sunshine or park your backside on a beanbag and enjoy a milkshake or a glass of wine. It’s the perfect magical recipe for a relaxing afternoon: view, beverage, sunshine... Tick!


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Richmond wine tour

If wine and cheese make your heart flutter with pleasure then definitely partake in a half day wine tour to Richmond, and explore its quaint countryside surroundings. We spent the afternoon swirling delicious wine around our palates from a selection of fine boutique wineries, and finished it off with a frenzied nibble of some locally produced cheeses that can be found in the various shops of the cute-as-a-button village of Richmond. It’s only a  20 minutes drive away from the CBD so if you don’t want to go on an organised tour you can easily make your own way there for a spot of cheese shopping.

Cascade Brewery

A short bus ride away from the city centre, the Cascade Brewery is a great way to spend the afternoon. Lay on the grass in the picturesque garden of the estate while you enjoy a beer paddle filled with a variety of Cascade brews not available in the bottle shops. It was so relaxing reclining in the sunshine with our beers in hand that we were there until closing.


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Mount Wellington

If you want panoramic views of the scenic surrounds of Hobart then Mount Wellington is your go-to spot. Regular tour buses depart daily from the centre of Hobart to this majestic viewing arena, and it’s only a quick 20 minute ride away. Several observation platforms on top of the mountain make it easy to maximise your viewing pleasure. Watch out for the wind though as it’s certainly ‘refreshing’.

No matter where you are in Australia, a Hobart mini-break is a perfect getaway destination. With its beautiful scenery and scrumptious local produce, it’s almost like you could be on holiday in New Zealand, but without the hassle of airport customs and the trauma of listening to the Kiwi accent for 3 days. What more could you possibly want?


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Thinking a local getaway might just tie you over until your next big overseas trip? We can do that too! Holler and get in touch today to start planning.


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