New Years Eve at Times Square in New York City.


Party hotspots to hit up this NYE

Published August 16th, 2016

Fireworks or no fireworks, there’s no party quite like a NYE party. Keen to ring in 2017 somewhere epic? Well get your crew and start brainstorming, like, now! Why? Because peak party time! You’ve gots to lock that baby in if you want to get rowdy for the final countdown somewhere as sweet as these New Year’s Eve party hotspots.


As if Amsterdam wasn’t all about kick-ass nights out already... If all-nighters come naturally at any time of the year, just imagine what NYE is like. Think impromptu street parties going off all along the compact city centre streets, alleyways and canals PLUS packed bars and clubs on every corner. All within a short walking distance. No cabs. So easy. With max vibes. Just remember to keep an eye out for cyclists once you get woozy. Trust us – that’s a good tip at any time of day or night, sober or not.


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New York City

Well, duh! New York City is THE place to let loose, live it up and squish in as many iconic moments as you possibly can on the biggest night of the year. Times Square. The ball drop. Out-of-this-world nightlife. Insane crowds. Put it all together and the atmosphere is spine-tinglingly ah-mazing! Like you’ll never see anything like it again. Ever. To top it off, if you’re as lucky as the punters in 2009, there might be even be snowflakes falling too as that giant sparkly ball descends on the world’s most famous NYE spectacle.


Hands down one of the coolest nights I've ever had. #nycnye

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Can’t do NYC for NYE? How about the home of Gangnam? Seoul has its very own version of Times Square and it goes off with countdown concerts. Like numerous – with all types of music to choose from. Prefer the clubbing scene? Agreed. And there are some seriously HUGE clubs here to check out... change levels or just go to a different corner to catch a vibe on par with your #partyfeels. The club Syndrome even has a pool in it. Yas! And when the hangover kicks in the next day, there’ll be plenty of tasty street eats within a short stumble to tie you over.

Tip – If you happen to be here for Xmas as well, hit up Ellui’s, which hosts an unforgettable Ministry of Sound Christmas Eve party.


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The Champs-Elysees + champagne + the city of love = NYE like the locals do it in Paris. Don’t mind the random fireworks in the street either. The best thing about seeing in a new year in Paris is that you can make it a big one, or small one – and either way, it’s all charm. You could be sipping fancy cocktails at restaurant Ciel with its 56th floor views, bobbing up and down the Seine into the wee hours or slamming it on the D floor anywhere across the city. Now that’s one #humblebrag that’s sure to make your Facebook friends uber jealous.


It’s the classic choice. Maybe you even have a friend or two living there to party with and if not, there are plenty of cute Brits to kiss once the clock chimes 12. An endless supply of clubs makes a big night out the only option. There are fancy dress events, pub crawls, salsa parties, full on raves, 80s gigs, grungy live music and everything in between. Seriously, it’s ALL possible + more. Want a side of fireworks over the Thames? There’s that too.


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