Stunning blue water on a clear day at Discovery Bay, Lantau, Hong Kong.


Lantau take a bow - a Hong Kong adventure

Published September 28th, 2016

The largest of Hong Kong’s islands, this will be the first and last part of Hong Kong you fall in love with (partly because the airport is there!).

Reachable by bus, train or ferry from Hong Kong island, arrive with an open mind, empty stomach and a light handbag; leave feeling enlightened, a Buddha belly full of delish food and all-of-the-bargains from epic shopping outlets.

Here’s our top 4 must see Lantau experiences.


Ngong Ping Cable Car ride on a clear day in Hong Kong.
Tip: Wait to board the Crystal Cabin for the best 360 degree views. Photo: Getty Images.


1. The Big Buddha (aka. Tian Tan)

Although the 250,000+ kgs of statuesque bronze perched atop the mountains is the main attraction, getting there is half the fun. Departing Tung Chung terminal, board the Ngong Ping Cable Car, a 20 minute scenic trip to the top will second as a thrilling ride (dependent on the weather conditions).

Tip: wait to board the Crystal Cabin for the best 360 degree views. Guiding you to the base of the Buddha are Twelve Divine Generals that symbolise a different animal from the Chinese Zodiac - naturally I got a snap with mine.

Climb the 268 stairs and you’ve arrived to the top where you can enjoy epic views of the surrounding valleys and bays and wander about the “The offerings of the Six Devas” statues; symbolising the six perfections of generosity, morality, patience, zeal, meditation, and wisdom, all of which are necessary for enlightenment.


Twelve Divine Generals symbolise a different animal from the Chinese Zodiac on the way to The Big Buddha.
Here I am with my 'Divine General' representing the Dragon from the Chinese Zodiac. Photo: Rebecca Livingstone.


2. Tung Chung

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Tung Chung is a short train ride from Hong Kong island and is also the gateway to connect to the Disney Land train line - yes the island is even home to the happiest place on earth! My personalised embroidered Mickey ears are staying with me for life, just like the repetitive “It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all,” playing on repeat!


3. Tai O Village

Wander through the fishing village of stilted houses home to the Tanka people, a small community that makes their living from the sea and who pass time together by playing the traditional game of Mahjong - the place holds plenty of opportunity to fill your Insta with vivid snaps of the colourfully painted homes and boats.

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4. Discovery Bay

Make a beeline to the waterside strip of restaurants favoured by Aussie expats and a destination for Hong Kong locals alike. Indulge in alfresco cocktails and eats overlooking a long sandy stretch of beach by the bay, a perf way to toast off a well rounded day exploring Lantau.


Stunning blue water on a clear day at Discovery Bay, Lantau, Hong Kong.
Looks just horrible right. Photo: Rebecca Livingstone.

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