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Q&A: Oktoberfest with Emma Lucey

Published September 23rd, 2016

Blogger, perpetual traveller and our low key style crush Emma Lucey takes us along for a ride after her first Oktoberfest. No not the one you and your mates hit up at the Brissie Showgrounds the last three-years in a row.

The REAL Oktoberfest, like the IRL Germany one. The one that’s been on your bucket list since you first discovered the greatness that is beer, yeah that one.

From which beer hall is the most popular, to how to score the best table, here are her tips and learnings for when you book that cheap as Europe airfare before it runs out. You see what I did there. ;)

What is the most surprising thing you learnt on your tour?

I was completely overwhelmed by the size of the beer halls. They are amazing and all decorated differently!

What are your foodie recommendations for the best German beer/food in Munich?

My favourite tasting beer was from Munich’s Lowenbrau brewery, which in German means ‘lion’s brew’. The tastiest food I tried was the crispy pork knuckles and potato dumplings from one of Munich’s most famous beer halls, Hofbrauhaus.

Any tips for someone thinking of doing Oktoberfest for the first time? Best way to be immersed in the experience?

If you've got a big group on opening weekend, line up at the crack of dawn to get a table and get comfortable - stick with your table all day. If there's only a few of you, get ready to make some new friends and squeeze on a bench for a beer!

If you have been to Munich before, how different is it during Oktoberfest?

Munich is an amazing city all year round but during Oktoberfest it really comes alive - it's normal to see crowds of people in traditional dress or tourists squeezing into stores to buy their own dirndls or lederhosen for the festivities.


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Which was your favourite beer hall? Is there much difference between each of the halls?

The most popular beer hall has to be the Hofbrauhaus and when I was there it did not disappoint. Hofbrauhaus is very must a tourist filled tent, but that’s great because then you can make friends with people from all over the world and you'll still find some interesting locals here and there. Every beer hall is different - whether it's size, decoration, different music, a variety of food or sometimes a more local crowd vs a rowdy mix! I found it was impossible to see them all in one weekend - more reason to go back next year!

With over seven million people drawn to Oktoberfest, did you have to wait on line long for a brew?

The only way to get a beer is to be seated at a table - once you get a seat you're sorted! The beer maids cover their sections like clockwork. It's getting the table that's the tricky part!

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And did you get to make many friends at those long beer hall tables?

Absolutely - we met plenty of locals, international travellers and domestic visitors! It's pretty easy to start up a conversation with people next to you when you're singing & clinking steins every two minutes.

What has been the best experience of your Oktoberfest trip?

I found the best fun was getting involved in the chants & songs throughout the festival! Whether you're singing "Ein Prosit", "Sweet Caroline" or slugging out "Heeeeeeeeey hey baby! Oh! Ah!" Then a big PROST!

Now that you've ticked Oktoberfest in Munich off your bucket list, are there any other must-dos that you've crossed off during the rest of your Euro trip?

Ticking off the Greek Islands was absolutely phenomenal. Partying at the bars in Ios was definitely a highlight of this year too.

“All right, brain. You don’t like me and I don’t like you, but let’s just get this 2017 Europe trip sorted (especially when you can layby flights for only $1) and I can get back to killing you with beer.” - Homer Simpson.

P.s. This is definitely a direct quote from Homer Simpson.

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