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These 10 #travelgrams will make you want to jump on the next plane to Europe

Published September 1st, 2016

Europe is a massive place and you probably want to see every inch of it but maybe don’t know where to start. We’ve cherry picked a little taste of some of the continents most ripe locations, scouted by Instagram’s most fabulous jet-setters.

Because let’s be real, Instagram sure knows how to make life look like a 24/7 European getaway, and we want in on the action! Whether it’s hopping along the coastal towns of Italy or sailing through Montenegro, you should be well on your way to wanderlust in no time with these you beaut #travelgrams.

If this Amsterdam Insta doesn't make you want to drop everything and run to the airport, you might be beyond help.

Seriously, imagine floating around the canals of Amsterdam with a bottle of wine on a sunny day, experiencing a glorious Dutch summer. Sounds terrible right.


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If only all ceilings looked this good? Italy's colossal buildings are filled with elaborate architecture both inside and out.

The Renaissance architectural movement of the 14th to 16th century, that gave Italy one of the most beautiful man-made cities in the world, is something even the art school drop outs can appreciate.

If you're #instafamous and haven't taken a beachside selfie under an orange umbrella in Positano, are you even #instafamous?

Like an IRL Aperol Spritz, Italy's Positano beach is full of bubbling energy and its bright orange beach chairs and umbrellas give it an irresistable pop of colour perfect for those Insta snaps. 

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Witnessing golden hour on the South Bank in London - now that's living.

The perfect way to say *in a posh accent of course* 'and how do you do?' to the mother land is to start with a brisk walk along the River Thames. Walking along South Bank you can see the Palace of Westminster and the Big Ben in all of their glory. 


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We could be walking the whitewashed streets of Mykonos but instead we're sitting here wishing we were. Hmmm, I feel like we could do something about that.

But the fun wouldn't stop there, we could be hopping all over the Greek Islands, living it up drinking all the wine of Greece at night and soaking up the sun on the deck of a yacht during the day. 


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How to do London in one (big) day

Paris is always a good idea, yeah? #Duhitsparis

The dream is to wake up in the heart of Paris as the sun is rising on a bright summer's day. Make a giant vat of coffee, and then step out onto your little Parisian terrace to watch the city as it comes to life (with the vat of coffee). 


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A Monaco sunset that is straight fire.

If you do nothing else for the rest of your life, make it your mission to see this sunset. 


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Ultimate restaurant goals is Italy’s Ristorante Hotel Grotta Palazzese.

Because it's in a cave, and the 5-year-old in you has always wanted to eat an elaborate multiple course meal on fine china and a white linen covered tables IN A CAVE. 


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Is this even real life? - Cinque Terre for the win .

Like the setting of a Fellini film, Cinque Terre is as fabulous as it looks. It's made up of five seaside villages that sit perilously atop the vertiginious Italian coastline and at the bottom are stunning umbrella lined beaches where sunbaking appears to be somewhat of a sport. 


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It's almost too perfect to believe it's not straight from a fairytale - Prague, Czech Republic.

The colour of this city is on a whole other level, meaning ample opportunity for some vivid Insta snaps. The architecture on the otherhand is like something out of a magical Disney movie and has a dense history to match. 

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