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5 Must eats of Hong Kong street food

Published October 28th, 2016

Discover the best of Hong Kong local foodie finds while exploring the bustling cosmopolitan city, cultural pockets and iconic highlights on a Hong Kong Street Eats Tour. Release your inner #foodie and have Instagram at the ready as you taste the amazing local flavours that scream Hong Kong. Here is a wrap up of the 5 best local eats while on tour in Honkers!


Colour is splashed around every corner of Hong Kong.
Colour and ornate decorations are splashed around every corner of Hong Kong.

First stop - Wan Chai, the perfect mix of tradition and modernity. Live like a local and check out where the residents stock up on groceries, with a glimpse of fresh produce, plus a vast array of dried meats, condiments, and spices at the markets.

1. Egg Waffles

Next, hit Causeway Bay to taste the ultimate street-side sweet – the glorious puffy egg waffles! There are many popular, family owned street-side stalls nestled in the backstreets of Hong Kong dishing up this all time favourite. Delicious!


Egg waffles = life.
Egg waffles = life.

2. Clay Pot Rice + 3. Deep fried Breadsticks

At Causeway Bay, try a bowl of savoury clay pot ginger chicken rice and grab some youzha gui (deep fried bread sticks).

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Take our advice, try the chicken ginger rice!
Take our advice, try the chicken ginger rice!

4. Milk Tea  + 5. Egg Tarts

Next, check out a local style Hong Kong cafe for a cup of yuanyang, or milk tea, for an afternoon tea treat. It is milk tea brewed with coffee – a great caffeine hit. Pair this with a delicious flaky egg tart pastry to top it all off.

Last stop, check out dai pai dong (a local pop up open-air street food stall) and feast on a range of stir fry noodles, seafood and fried rice to end the mammoth eating tour. Plus, you can wash it all down with a Hong Kong Beer Co. Brew made by Hong Kong’s first micro brewery.


Nom nom nom, flaky egg tart. (Not as weird as it sounds)
Nom nom nom, flaky egg tart. (Not as weird as it sounds)

Not full yet? There are heaps more local bites to try out, from humble eateries to luxury restaurants. However, to get the local experience - a street eats foodie tour is a must do on any Hong Kong to-do list. Because low key the best way to explore a destination is obviously to eat all of its food!


Gotta catch 'em all. All the foods that is.
Gotta catch 'em all. All the foods that is.

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