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Make like the locals - all the best cocktails to try in Europe

Published October 4th, 2016

Sun’s out, guns out... and what better way to flex them than lifting one of these summer bevvies to your lips? Things are heating up on this side of the globe and Student Flight’s awesome Earlybird Europe sale have us gleefully planning our summer Eurotrip 2017.

Get ready to party like a local with these European summer drinks, and book now to scoop up a tour or airfare deal so you have more funds left for all the drinking!

Aperol Spritz

This cocktail is a lip smacking mixture of Aperol liqueur, Prosecco and soda. Aperol is a traditional Italian aperitif, which means it’s designed to be drunk before dinner to aid digestion, but we recommend drinking it at anytime to aid your summer vibes.

Tinto de Verano

Sangria eat your heart out; the Spanish have a more direct approach to reaching their wine quota in summer. Simply mix one part red wine and one part lemonade, add a splash of rum if so desired, and everything is looking muy bueno.


The Germans are serious about their beer, and they’re just as serious about punch. Traditionally a bowle consists of fruit steeped in white wine for hours, then mixed with champagne. There are many different variations with a few things in common; they’re tasty, refreshing, and there’s bowls of them.


The name means ‘cement’, the idea being that after too many of these Czech cocktails you’ll face plant in the street. It’s made of Becherovka, yet another fruit-and-spice liqueur, tonic water and a generous dash of lemon. Spicy, sweet and bitter all at once, the Beton is a favourite drink when you’re out on the town in Prague.

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The Turks are nuts for this unsweetened aniseed liqueur, which is nicknamed ‘Lions Milk’ due to its cloudy appearance when mixed with ice and water. Fun fact – the word for lion is aslan... sound familiar? Turkish etiquette dictates you should order a bottle for the table rather than just a glass for yourself #sorrynotsorry.

Fruit Beer

Fruit-infused beer gets a bad rap in Australia, but the Belgians have it down to an art. A touch of grapefruit, peach or sour cherry makes a killer addition to your brew on a hot day, and the pros don’t ruin it with OTT sweetness. Bonus: boys can drink it without their manliness being challenged.


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Vinho Verde

Inexpensive, delicious and easy to drink, this slightly sparkling white wine is the go-to for drinking in the Portuguese summer sun. This light, fresh vino is best when served icy cold, and its low alcohol level makes it great for day drinking before a big night out.

Pimms Cup

If you ask an English person to describe the taste of Pimms, you will likely get a blank stare and a response of “it’s just Pimms, innit?” It’s a fruity liqueur with hints of vanilla and cinnamon, and is best served with lemonade, mint and cucumber and sipped on a sunny hillside at Wimbledon. You’ll most definitely need a drink after queuing for Grounds Passes.

Søbøgåard Hyldeblomst

Don’t try and pronounce it, just drink it. The elderflower, or hyldeblomst, grows all over the shop in Denmark, and its sweet nectar brings a unique flavour to summer cocktails. A combination of soda, hyldeblomst extract, lemon and Martini Bianco is known as Søbøgåard Hyldeblomst, and no Danish summer afternoon is complete without a big bowlful.

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