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Why the best part of a music festival isn’t the festival

Published October 18th, 2016

Let’s agree, you don’t always go to a festival for the music. Sure some bands are worth the froth and some are worth it if only for the #humblebrag. But we both know there is so much more to the festival experience than just the music.

Are you ready for the gypsy lust outfits and sailing the seas for Ultra Festival? You know it.

Location Location Location!

No we’re not talking property. We’re talking some of the sickest places to party in the world. Coachella is smack bang in the middle of the Palm Springs desert. If you haven’t been, this is a place of daytime pool parties, luxe spas and mid-century architecture you’ll want to post all over your Instagram.

Then there’s Ultra in Miami, Ultra in Croatia, Bestival on the Isle of Wight, UK, Benicassim on the shores of the Med, the list seriously goes on. You get my vibe.


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There are two sides to this coin. ONE: you’re hanging out with all of your mates, like a giant teenage sleepover, but better. And TWO: gypset camping. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you have been camping with your parents for far too long.

Festival camping is all about the Mandala rugs, door beads, incense and ridiculous amount of plush cushions to laze around on.

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Festivals have a dress code. The cool AF dress code. But be warned cool AF means one thing at Ultra and something completely different at Glastonbury. So do your homework. In short, dressing for festivals is FUN. Hot tips though:

  • Onesies are the in thing at a lot of festivals. Don’t do it though – you’ll be bloody hot and sweaty all day long and probably end up in your underwear.
  • Go for something more closely resembling underwear in the first place. Something that’s not just your underwear.
  • Let your freak flag fly. At festivals you can pretty much get away with anything. This is your chance. Go extra.


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This is your moment to shine. Literally, with glitter on your eyes. And everywhere, except for the hair, or you’ll be sparkling for weeks after, that shit is NOT easy to move. But TBF, you’re at a festival so you can do whatever youlike. This is not a low key situation. See outfits above.

New Friends

Let’s be honest, music festivals mean instant friends. They’re a frothfest full of energy, excitement and like-minded ladies and gents. We’ve all been there – rolling out of the moshpit, zoning in on someone and it’s done. Instant bonding over your mutual love of ‘this song’, ‘this drink’, ‘this outfit’ etc.

This happens a few times and your posse is suddenly impressively large.


Not historically associated with music festivals, sailing and festivals is now most definitely a thing. Yes, sail by day, party by night and festival for three days straight.

Take your pick of Miami or Croatia with Busabout’s Ultra Music Sail trips, exclusive to Student Flights. Backing up sailing around the Bahamas or the Aegean Sea with one of the best EDM festivals in the world? LMS, yes, yes please.


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If you weren’t already keen AF for a festival, you definitely are now. So hurry yourself up as there’s only a limited number of spaces for Busabout’s Epic Ultra Music Sail 2017 Croatia and Miami trips available.


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