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20 bucket list adventures to do in your twenties

Published November 14th, 2016

As they say life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans, so here’s where I get all mum on you and say don’t let your twenties escape without seeing and exploring as much of this incredible earth as possible.

Now yes, you can probably still do the things on this list after your 30th birthday however many will be much easier to accomplish before you become committed to greater responsibilities. Besides this, something most people don’t think about is that you will likely experience cultures and cities in relation to what stage you are at in your life. Backpacking at 53-years-old isn't quite the same as it is at 23-years-old.

For example gambling in Las Vegas when you’re twenty-something might not be as fun when you’re 30-something and thinking, hmm this money could be better spent paying off my mortgage. Unless you already have a mortgage in your twenties in which case, you go Glen Coco!

Now while I still have your attention, though it’s not officially on this list, if you can get away with wearing a midriff, rock that baby while you still can.

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1. Travel somewhere you don’t speak the language

2. Move to a new city

3. Learn about wine - in wine country

4. Get off the grid


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5. Trace your family tree - physically

6. Learn to cook a decent meal


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7. Go to Disney World

8. Sign up for a ½ marathon / marathon


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9. Gamble in Las Vegas

10. Travel by yourself


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11. Sleep under the stars

12. Take a road trip with your mates

13. Hike a mountain

14. Learn to snowboard


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15. Go scuba diving (or even get your license)


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16. Fly around the world

17. Hop around the Greek Islands/Croatia by yacht


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18. Attend one of the world’s biggest festivals

19. Bungee jump in New Zealand


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20. Dance on top of a bar

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