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6 Reasons why your excuses not to travel are lame

Published December 27th, 2016

Tying up your time, money and energy into a holiday is a big commitment, but travel is the kind of bae that is a giver, not a taker.

Change your perspective on life, find out you’ve got skills you never knew about, meet awesome people, and see things you never dreamed were possible. There’s a million reasons to travel, but we bet you’ve got a few to stay put.

Standby while we blitz all your excuses, then get stuck into one of our great holiday deals and start planning your adventure!

1. I can’t afford it

So, you’re anti-credit card, have no savings to speak of and can’t imagine a time when you’ll have the funds available to book a trip far enough in advance to be able to get those sweet flight deals? We’ve all been there, amigo. Even if you make some tweaks to your budget, the amount you save each week may seem a long way from that Croatia sailing trip you’ve been lusting after.

Loan is not a dirty word, especially when it’s accompanied by the words ‘interest free’. Student Flights’ nine month interest free loan is exactly what it says it is, with no catches. We have a long-lasting infatuation with travel, and we want to share the love!  


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2. I have no travel buddies

Solo travel is the new black when it comes to trotting the globe. You may think you’d prefer to bring a friend, any friend, but having a travel buddy who you don’t click with can be much more painful than trying to fit all your luggage into a toilet cubicle at the airport.

If you think group tours sound daggy, think again; companies such as Top Deck, Gecko and Contiki put the 'f' in fun, and if needed they’ll match you up with another solo traveller so there’s always someone to watch your bag while you’re peeing.

3. I can’t choose where to go

If you are really truly scratching your head about what destination blows your skirt up the most, and our super-awesome travel blog hasn’t sparked your imagination, then suss out our deals page, bag yourself a bargain and find out what the world has to offer you!


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4. What if something happens?

Something will definitely happen when you start travelling the world: magic. Travel may take you a long way from home and to places well outside your comfort zone, but these are prime ingredients for life-changing moments. Many destinations offer no more risk than daily life in your regular hood, and a quality travel insurance plan is a must, both for covering you in case of mishap and for peace of mind for all involved.


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5. My boyfriend/ girlfriend doesn’t want to go

Some people are made to wander, and some people would prefer to spend their money on a sexy car. If bae doesn’t suffer from itchy feet like you, it’s not a deal breaker - girls’ getaways and boys’ breaks are popular because they are so much flippin’ fun, and there’s also all those juicy solo options we mentioned.

Sure, you’ll miss your significant other while you’re away, but it will make homecoming all the sweeter and help to lighten some of those post-holiday blues!


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6. I can’t get time off work

Most humans share a love of travel, and your boss is likely to be a highly reasonable person who understands your need to get out and about. Have the conversation, and try and give as much notice as possible - if he/she is reasonable, and you give a reasonable proposition, then it stands to reason that your trip will be a goer.

Now you've truly got no excuses: browse our travel deals or get in touch with our chirpy consultants to start booking your 2017 travel!

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