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How to prepare for Schoolies in 2017

Published January 26th, 2017

So first things first, as in literally the very first thing you need to do when preparing for Schoolies 2017 is round up yer mates and see who’s in. Then once you have numbers you’ll want to set a rough budget of what everyone can afford and start looking at accommodation.

It’s important to do this as early as possible so that you guys get the best deal on your accommodation and most importantly so that you secure a location close to all of the action. Nobody want to have to get a taxi (or worse walk) to and from their hotel each night.

The easiest way to get the best accommodation not available to everyone else is through one of our OG travel experts. If you’re wanting to be smack bang in the roar of action at Cavill Ave, we got chu, or if you’re after some super chill island time, we’ve got that too. Check out some of those options here too.


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Next up as you start to get closer to the date and after all of the exams have been smashed it’s time to start planning logistics like transport, food, outfits, and booze (if you’re over 18 ;)). 

Here are 10 top tips for making sure your Schoolies is a safe and smooth ride, but seriously still wear a seatbelt (and a condom) because it can get a little bumpy up in here. 

1. Pre-cook your food and freeze it.

Organise everyone to bring a dish so that you at least have lunch and dinners covered and then won’t have to go further than the fridge for a cheap and delicious meal. This is the most important tip hence why it’s number one.


2. Always have a meetup spot.

In case you and your friends get split up, cause getting lost sucks.


3. Avoid TV cameras.

Your mum/grandpa/music teacher does not want to see you on the news.


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4. Don’t bring glass bottles.

Most buildings won’t allow them to be brought in and the building’s management will check your esky. #duh


5. Always travel around with a buddy.

Especially when getting home at night. Don’t let your friends go home by themselves or with someone you don’t know. 


6. Figure out a few fun things to do during the day.

Besides sunbathing.... like indoor skydiving or surfing lessons if you’re on the GC.


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7. Drink water.

Covering the basics here, but seriously tho.


8. Speaking of basics...

...condoms. Be safe.


9. If you’re drinking, let me introduce you to powdered Gatorade!

It goes a looooong way and everyone will love you for bringing it.


10. Know the contact number for the Red Frogs.

And save it into your phone, they will be your literal guardian angels during the week.


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