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Insta-chef Sarah Glover talks #travelgoals

Published January 3rd, 2017

Okay so it’s no secret that Sarah Glover aka @MissSarahGlover’s insta-game is serious #foodgoals. This girlboss/qween (my words not hers) really knows how to nail the whole killing-it-at-life thing.

Sarah makes food look the way I wish the decor in my house looked; equal parts luxurious, rustic, true blue Aussie and with a dash of femininity thrown in.

Bit of an overachiever, Sarah has been cooking since she was 16 and we’re not talking packet bought apple-cinnamon muffins cooking either, think more precocious MasterChef prodigy. She’s also lived in Virginia in the States as well as New York where she opened a shop called Bondi Bikkies (also located you guessed it at Bondi Beach). Oh and she happens to be a surfer. Could she be any cooler?

The answer is yes. Yes she can. Sarah also has a book called 'Wild' coming out soon (UPDATED: Get it here now) with all of these delish new outdoor adventure based recipes not seen on her Insta, mixing travel and good old fashioned camping fun.

Keep reading to find out how Sarah brings all of her beautiful food creations to life including how she set up that fab Insta shot on the Seine opposite the Eiffel Tower

You obviously travel frequently both at home in Australia and abroad, can you tell us about some of the places you’ve cooked off-the-beaten track?

I've done a huge part of it in Tasmania, anywhere in Tassie is off the beaten track, 30 minutes out of the city is pretty out-of-the-way. One location was Satellite Island. You have to catch two boats to get there.

How did you come across the island?

Well the lady that owns Satellite Island (Ed’s note: These #girlboss women obviously attract other awesome #girlbosses like magnets) reached out to me to come and visit through Instagram, which she follows me on.

I’ve cooked in the most random locations, Double Island and Rainbow Beach just past Noosa are favourites. I had heard about this spot at Rainbow through some surfer friends, it apparently has great waves and I hadn’t been there before. We had to drive an hour on the beach to get to the location and you have to be super mindful of the tides because you can get stuck.

Where else have you cooked around the world?

So I recently went to Europe for the first time. I visited Stockholm because I have friends and family with a holiday house by the Baltic Sea. We picked wild lingon and blåbär which is native to Sweden. I also did a cook up under the Eiffel Tower which was pretty special.

I saw that on Instagram, it looked out-of-this world and like a serious set-up, did you have any help with that?

I was actually by myself. I went to the local markets and bought this fresh produce, picked up a cooker while I was in Stockholm, found some local firewood, packed my rent-a-bike up and booked it down to the Seine. So from there I set myself up a little scene under the Eiffel Tower. I just sat there and thought this is what life’s about.

Then because I rode and I was in my cheesy little French outfit it was quite a cute picture and some Japanese tourists thought so too because they formed a bit of a huddle and started taking photos. That’s how I got my shot for Instagram. I love Paris, it’s such a cool city. I only got to one art gallery but became a fatty boombah off the art I did see! Monet’s Water Lilies series was my favourite by far but all of the architecture in Paris was also so insanely beautiful.

Could you describe a memorable food experience from another country?

My favourite food experience is definitely from my time in New York. I just love the Spotted Pig in the West Village. I always have a Manhattan cocktail and the burger which includes a massive amount of meat, and shoestring fries with blue cheese.

Next dream destination?

I really want to go to Patagonia and meet Francis Mallmann. He cooks on an open fire and has his own private island! Or Iceland looks insane too.


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Reading your bio you've been cooking your whole life and I just wondered at what point did you start to have this focus on, I want to call it a sort of nomadic style of cooking and the whole aesthetic that supports that? What sort of experiences or influences do you think shaped the way you see food and travel now?

I think growing up in Tasmania as a kid you had to create your own adventure. As one of eight kids we would go off into the bush and imagine whole scenes out of movies. I’m a bit of a big kid and come from a long line of artists so I love the idea of creating scenes and making moments. I like to create imagery from inspirational, whimsical and crazy fairytale ideas and then go and live them out. My Instagram really is about inspiring people to get out and have some fun through travel and food.

Do you have any tips for explorers looking to travel and get outdoors to try this out too?

Number one buy my book it's all in there. Number two: Plan a little bit about what you’re going to eat and bring essentials. Things like: oil, flour, salt, cooking equipment like a camping grill, frying pan, pot, sharp knife and utensils/plates to eat from. Take a hat because if you’re outside you’ll probably get burnt, and bathers because you just never know. A bottle of wine, or a six pack. Take a tea towel, to pick up your pot or pan, I’m always saying: “Where is my tea towel it's burning! And speaking of, always bring matches! Done, that’s my list.

Tell me more about your book, how do you manage to capture such stunning imagery in these remote locations?

A lot of the recipes in the book are cooked on a campfire. It’s really about inspiring people and making cooking outside accessible. I very much practise what I preach, I plan the locations and have a picture in my mind of what I want it all to look like with the help of my friend/photographer Luisa Brimble. I tend to buy my ingredients on the road, mostly what’s in season and just go with it. You don’t have to spend hours preparing what to bring though, I'm really busy and I just throw a bunch of stuff in the car or my suitcase. As long as you pack your imagination you'll be fine.


I love everything about this photo, it describes my relationship with @luisabrimble perfectly, we just have fun creating and going places where we wouldn't normally go... I feel so blessed to have this woman believe in me and trust me enough to "make it happen" ... I value her like a sister, and most days I pinch myself that I get to do what I do... but don't be fooled, hard work and a strong scenes of adventure has gotten us here and even though we have had set backs , ok a lot of them , we somehow manage to just keep going and create ... life is about being happy , building each other up and releasing one another to live to there fullest potential ... I hope our story inspires you to follow your dreams and passions.. oh and PS, without trials we wouldn't have victory ... #sarahglovercookbook #livepassionately #pic by @hugosharp

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