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10 Valentines Day Alternatives To Red Roses

Published February 9th, 2017

Roses are red, violets are blue, they’re expensive on Valentines, so we’re here to help you. Seriously, roses might be the fave flower for 14 Feb, because they symbolise love, romance, beauty and perfection. Not all love is perfect however, and lust, or a crush certainly isn’t, so here are a handful of other flowers you can give for whatever romantic situation you find yourself in this Valentine’s Day.


These dainty fleurs change meaning with colour. If you want to make your lady friend feel like royalty, go purple. Red tulips are for deep love, and yellow say you’re dead set head over heels. Hot tip too, if you’re in the bad books, beg forgiveness with white tulips.


Listen up here. If you want to show your loved one that your devotion is long lasting, don’t buy a bunch of flowers, buy them a real flower that will long outlast cut roses. The answer you’re looking for? An orchid, of course. This delicately beautiful flower symbolises a delicately beautiful love, and they get to look at it and think of you for years to come.


Look, you might want to go these if you don’t have much dosh, or you’re not totally invested to spend a lot of money on your valentine. But you can still pull the card that they’re meaningful because in fact they are. Yellow represent cheer, pink ones gratitude and so on. But whatever you do, don’t go striped, they mean refusal. Unless of course you’re trying to get rid of your valentine in the nicest way possible.

Yellow Chrysanthemums


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Well hello secret admirer! Do you have a crush but they’ve no idea you exist? Send them yellow Chrysanthemums and be the most romantic kid on the block.

Bronze Chrysanthemums


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Staying on this theme, if you happen to be brave enough to be going on a first date on V day, choose bronze chrysanthemums, because they symbolise excitement.



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No, these are not just for brightening up a dull day. They actually symbolise chivalry, so bring it back by giving your lover daffodils and opening the car door. 


If you’ve been with your better half for the long haul, give them hydrangeas. They represent perseverance.  Fellas, suggest these to go in your love’s wedding bouquet and why, you’ll be in the good books for at least a week. Promise.



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If you want your relationship to be rich and full of good luck, go the peonies. In Chinese the word “peony’ literally means beautiful. Remember this when trying to find an appropriate and meaningful gift for a newly engaged couple or your parents wedding anniversary too.

Gerbera Daisies

I am not a fan of these. But some people are. And fair enough, I guess, because they symbolise beauty, innocence and purity. If it’s a new relationship, or you’re trying to convince someone of your innocence and attraction, choose these.

Roses (that aren’t red)


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Not quite brave enough to sway from the rose but want to live on the edge? White roses were the traditional choice for true love before pink and red took over. So technically, choose white, you’re being the ultimate traditionalist. So romantic. Pink is way less intense than red, so go those for a new relationship or you might scare your crush off. Yellow strictly means friendship, so choose these for a friend, or a lover you want to demote to a friend. (Good luck).


Or, Forget the Flowers and Go Bali Big

Look, if your love is that special to you that you're willing to fork out the dosh for red roses on V Day (they're exxy), why not go even bigger and buy your love a romantic holiday getaway! We've got some ridic deals going on right now, so you should definitely check those out, too.

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