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23 Perks to look for in a hostel

Published February 24th, 2017

Before you start locking in accommodation for your next (or first) backpacking adventure, check out some of these perks worth searching for in your next hostel.

There are so many cool ones out there, it’s not worth settling for any old hostel, and more importantly little perks like curtains around the bed and free bike hire make all the difference to your stay, especially when you’re on a budget!

A good one-stop shop for all the best hostels around the world is over with our mates at Hostelworld who have access to over 33,000 properties (no joke) in 170 countries. They know all the best places to stay on the cheap.

1. Soap and shampoo facilities

In a pump in the showers is ideal.

2.Decent hair dryers

This is a game changer because those things are heavy af to be backpacking with.

3.Separate gender rooms

It’s just better that way when you’re backpacking by yourself.


Are you like me, always finding your perfect home in a hostel? On my nomadic journeys this year have visited a few amazing hostels with vibrant, creative interiors and few are more stylish, beautiful than the @citycircusathens hostel. This could be my living room. Besides the long inviting wooden table where guests gather, eat, drink and chat till the late hours they have lots of board games , travel guide books and a projector where they show movies on a regular basis. There's a bunch of other cool features this hostel has that I'd like to share with you but if you can wait 2 more weeks, you can read the full review plus checkout 96 more inspiring hostels in the 2nd edition of my guide to Luxury Hostels of Europe. Which btw will be free to download from my blog & @hostelworld site. Also, Athens is such a great city. Hugely underrated. Stay tuned on Insta in the meantime for more #luxuryhostels inspiration

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4.Light next to the bed

So you don’t wake everyone up when you’re leaving on a tour early in the morning.

5.Fresh linen

Because bed bugs are real.

6.Small locker next to the bed with electric outlets

Sleep safe knowing your phone is nearby, charging and secure.

7.A full activities calendar

Great way to make friends and experience a city on the cheap.

8.No curfew

Because nobody wants to feel like they’re living with their parents.

9.Curtain around the bed

For the ultimate in privacy.

10.Combination code on the front door for after hours

So you don’t have to worry about being locked out if you lose your keycard.

11.24hr desk

Just makes backpacking life so much easier.

12.Last minute cancellation options

For when you decide to follow your new hostel mates to Lisbon instead of Madrid.

13.Complimentary breakfast

Is always a good idea.

14.Sufficient kitchen facilities

You don’t have to be good at the math to know that trying to share one pan between 12 people does not equal 12 happy backpackers.

15.Free wifi

A backpackers two favourite words.

16.Free dinners

Or is it ‘free dinners’? BBQ Tuesdays or Spaghetti Sundays, backpackers are not picky when it comes to free food.

17.Washing machines and decent space to hang dry clothing

Another game changer. Nobody likes having to fold their undies inside out and back to front.

18.Laundry service

Now this my friend is the gold standard of backpacking.

19.Free tour walking tours

Refer to section 1a of the Backpacker’s Guide To Backpacking: As long as it’s cheap. Yes.

20.Free bike hire

Again, I refer you to section 1a.

21.Hostels above a bar

If you want to make friends with your fellow hostel mates quickly and easily, buy them a round and the friends are all your’s.


Home for this weekend.. @profreestyle #thehague @kingkool_hostel

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Because washing/cleaning is complicated enough on the road.

23.Free yoga

Gotta keep fit and mindful on the road.

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