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What careers allow you to travel the most?

Published February 16th, 2017

So you’re looking to travel more or move into a career that lives that jetset life hey?

Here are some of the best jobs/industries to choose from whether you’re simply after more holiday time or are looking for a career that will take you places...literally.


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Contract work

If you choose an industry that deals in contract work and where demand outstrips supply well you’ll be laughing. In Oz a good example of this is agency nursing where you can pick up a casual contracts and work 3 months on and jet set 3 months off if you please. There’s also plenty of work in rural and remote Australia so that’s one way to get to see our sunburnt country and its many walks of life. Occupational and physical therapy offer similar contract work.

Become a travel agent

Not only do travel agents get to travel for free on what we call ‘famils’ short for ‘familiarisation’ trips but if you work at Student Flights (I know this sounds like a total plug but it really is one of the best jobs for travel and holiday perks), we even have stores based on uni campuses around Australia where you too can choose to go on holiday during those end of semester uni breaks. Seriously how bloody amazing is that if you want to take a couple of months off to travel each year? #winwin

Now here’s the part where I link you to our careers page but I swear it’s not a plug...

Own your own business

Is the most obvious option because if you create your business to be self-sufficient, without you needing to run it day to day, this opens up a lot of flexibility for travel and choosing your own hours.

Engineering or anything in mining

A lot of mining jobs, especially ones in engineering, operate on a fly in and fly out basis with different types of rosters that can be say 1 week on the job and 1 week off which is great for those short getaways with some rosters operating for longer on/off periods too.

Look into the maritime industry

You can either go down the path of navigation so a deck hand sort of position or an engineering qualification and this could be for anything from a container ship through to a cruise ship which usually involves some sort of 3 months on and 3 months off arrangement.

Work at a university or become a school teacher

If you work anywhere with students then you’re guaranteed around 3 months of blocked out holiday time each year.

Become an academic

One of the perks of academic work is the opportunity to travel for conferences and meetings domestically and abroad depending on what field you specialise in of course.

Do pretty much anything for an airline

Industry rates for flights are spot on when you work for an airline, if not free then they’re super cheap. That doesn’t just mean being a pilot or air hostess either, you can do pretty much anything whether that’s marketing, ground services or operations for most major airlines.

Help out in a hostel

If you’d rather do the travel full time sort of thing (lucky you) then wherever you go, working in a hostel for free board and sometimes food is a great option to keep your funds topped up on the go.

Work in the film industry

Big budget films can take anywhere from 2-6 months, and while the hours might be intense during that time you can then take time off once it’s wrapped up.

Student Flights

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