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23 Travel hacks for when you're broke af

Published March 16th, 2017

Just because your bank account is giving you a firm side-to-side head shake, that’s no reason to back down from your next adventure. Think of it as more of a challenge to get creative and see how far you can go for minimal dollar dollar bills y’all.

You’ll be surprised at how much you can stretch a dollar depending on where you go, what you eat and how little you actually need to live on!

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Now here are some of our top hacks for keeping the expenses low and the experiences high:

1.Hostels all the way baby. 

2. Eat the free hostel food. 

3. And take the free hostel exercise classes. 

4. Obvs don’t buy souvenirs or physical objects that you’re only going to use once or twice like cheap sandals or a ukulele (unless you’re gonna play that ukulele in which case defs buy the ukulele).

5. Book waaaay in advance and not during things like school holidays if possible.

6. Drink long black coffee or Americano when you’re out instead of fancy lattes. 

7. Get travel insurance because things get lost/stolen and it’s a lot cheaper to be covered by insurance than not. 

8. All you can eat buffets - after a long day of exploring this can be a heaven send if you can eat like a camel holds water.

9. Happy hours - even ask as it’s getting close to finish if you can buy a couple extra to be served up after - sometimes if you tip well enough and are nice the bartender will oblige 

10. Don’t buy food in the main tourist areas - get on a side street where the food will be more authentic and cheaper.


Snuck out on to the roof terrace to catch the sun rise this morning - absolute bliss

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11. Bicycle - A good way to keep fit and see a city on the cheap is by cycling. You’ll probably see more too.

12. Check out if drinking in a public place is legal and if it is, take a few bevvies to a local park or monument, take a seat and people watch.

13. Free Wifi, wherever you can get it. Think coffee shops, shopping centres and sometimes even in cbd areas of main cities.

14. Get a local sim card if you’re going to be in one country for a while, and then hunt down the best international roaming deal.

15. Get your tax back - some countries let you claim tax back on purchases and in some cases on any work you do.


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16. Travel light - carry-on luggage saves a bunch on checked baggage fees.

17. Sounds like a no brainer but reuse your water bottle - no use paying for that stuff when it comes out of the hostel tap for free.

18. Cook at your hostel - save the dollyerdoos for more rad experiences.

19. Look up all the free things to do in your city - there’s usually heaps of museums, parks and art openings to attend that don’t cost a cent.

20. Travel in the evening -saves a day’s accommodation expense


We said goodnight to the sun in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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21. Turn on notifications - Travello is our new fav app that tells you when there’s free WiFi near you, connects you with fellow travellers and even offers you deals from local travel businesses - all over the world.

22. Make friends with the locals - because they know all the best spots in the city and all the cool lesser known things to see and do. 

23. Stick with a select few airlines where possible and rack up dem frequent flyer points.

24. Interest free lay by options on travel for students and under 30s up in here!

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