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How to live your best life in the Mediterranean

Published March 3rd, 2017

There are some experiences that you absolutely must not miss in Europe, like Flamenco dancing in Barcelona, attempting to correct the Leaning Tower of Pisa and seeing the priceless works of Renaissance art in Florence.

Here’s your step-by-step guide to the essential European cities to hop between. Follow along to make sure you tick off all of the required viewing and doing in Europe.

However….if you’re feeling lazy and want someone else to do all of the organizing, bucket list ticking and generally be in charge of making sure you have the best time possible then just leave it up to us.

Step 1 - Rome

Learn how real Italian pizza is made in the heart of Rome. Watch a professional pizzaiolo demonstrate how to get that thin crispy crust with layers of fresh tomato and buckets of stringy mozzarella. Then eat the delicious evidence yourself. Afterwards sit back and people watch on the Spanish Steps as you descend into a food coma.

Step 2 - Florence

Sponge up all that the Renaissance city of Florence has to offer with its priceless art and elaborate frescoes, most notably those of the colossal Duomo Cathedral. Don’t miss out on seeing a skillful demonstration of Florentine leather making and get in on a delish Tuscan feast in a traditional Tuscan country setting.


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Step 3 - Italian Riveria

Start off your day pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa back upright before heading off to discover the colourful coastal villages of Cinque Terre. Keep it moving along by rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous in Portovenere and pull up a chair at a beachfront cafe in picture-perfect Monterosso.


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Step 4 - French Riveria

How’d that taste of the high life go down? Looking for some more? Time to switch over to the French Riveria. Head to Nice where darling you absolutely must try the region's delectable produce like lavender honey, aioli and mouth-watering rose wine. Absolutely don’t miss out on trying your hand on the tables of glamorous Monaco either.


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Step 5 - Barcelona

By this stage you would have ticked off Italy, France and now it’s time for some of that Spanish sangria to pump through your veins! The fiesta doesn’t start until late in Spain so a good idea is to enjoy a sangria in one of the city’s many outdoor squares or experience a traditional flamenco dance show with dinner! During the day it’d probably be a good idea to tick off Spanish architect Gaudi’s phenomenal Art Nouveau work in the form of the Sagrada Familia church.

Step 6 - Madrid

Play eye spy at these bucket list destinations of the Gran Via, the Plaza de Espana, and Puerta del Sol before taking your time at the famous Prado Museum. Grab a local snack in the form of a churro (Spain's version of the doughnut) or grab a chilled cerveza (beer). For dinner, you absolutely must have a traditional Spanish tapas in the heart of the city, right on the famous Plaza Mayor.

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