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What to pack to low key ball out on a boat in the Whitsundays

Published March 14th, 2017

Ahh the Whitsundays, the place people go to when they’re looking to lay out on the world’s most pristine unspoilt beaches, island hop on a fancy yacht, do back saults off a catamaran into the deep blue below and snorkel with nemo on the Great Barrier Reef.

Why would you want to be anywhere else when you’re in need of an easy island escape? In the Whitsundays the days are filled with rays dancing on the water and nights are made from plenty of sangria, coronas and a warm ocean breeze.

Now you’re probably thinking, um how much help do I actually need to be able to ball out on a boat in the Whitsundays? And to that we say, if nothing else take this one tip: Don’t go it alone. 

Seriously, why do all the hard yards of hiring a yacht and having to either sail it yourself (that can be fun but also being able to drink all day ‘n’ night is more fun), or hiring someone to do it for you. Then you have to plan out where you’ll head, how long it’ll take, who you can bring, how much food and booze you’ll need.

Why do all that when someone else can do it for you, plus basically guarantee you’ll have a chill af holiday in paradise, making heaps of new friends on the most pumpin’ party yacht on the Great Barrier Reef. Say no more right.

Our mates at Entourage have a bunch of different Whitsunday packages for those looking to get in on the Aussie Beach Break action. The question though is how baller are you willing to go?


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1.Whatever you pack make it light

Aka only pack x50 bikinis, a bucket of sunscreen, a tube of Berocca and you’re set.


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2. Don’t forget the waterproof casing for your GoPro

Because between Airlie Beach, Blue Pearl Bay, Manta Ray Bay, Nara Inlet, Langford Reed, Stonehaven, Whitehaven Beach, Hamilton Island and Hayman Island, there’s going to be heaps of water action to capture and you don’t want to be stuck only filming on top of the water.


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3. Make sure your toiletries bag includes some motion sickness tablets (just in case)

These over-the-counter babies are total lifesavers, or if you’d prefer a natural alternative, there’s evidence that ginger can help reduce nausea too.


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4. Pack yer snorkel

Because there’s going to be some pretty wild sights to explore down where it’s wetter.


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5. Walking shoes

Um wot, we hear you say? If you’re feeling like a little light exercise mightn’t go astray towards the end of your week on the bottle then pack them shoes for a nice bush hike up to the lookout on Hamilton Island.


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