A palm tree swing, is there anything more idyllic? Photo: Olivia Nysse.


4 Reasons why Sri Lanka should be on your bucket list

Published April 24th, 2017

Sri Lanka is an island nation located off the Southern Coast of India, It's often described as a foodie heaven, full of culture, breathtaking scenery, great surf and fascinating wildlife. In other words it’s Paradise! 

Sri Lanka is country like no other, and with its tourism industry growing, now is the perfect time to go. Student Flights consultant Olivia Nysse shows us a few awesome reasons why you most definitely need to visit:

1. All the food

Whether you love your meat or you’re 100% vego, there’s a never ending supply of fresh seafood, as well as vegetarian curries available everywhere. Almost everything is made fresh from the earth, with coconut being the base to most curries.

Many of the different types of curries use a variety of spices and ingredients such as tumeric, cardamon, mustard seed, cinnamon, peppers, curry leaf and onions. The daal and coconut sambal is absolutely unreal! Another favorite is the unlimited amount of fresh fruit such as papaya, mango, durian, jackfruit, and bananas, perfect in the hot climate!


The view from Sigiriya Rock. Photo: Olivia Nysse.
The view from Sigiriya Rock. Photo: Olivia Nysse.

2. The most chill people on earth

Contagious smiles beam out in all directions. The locals are so open and inviting, we can learn a lot from their humble attributes and relaxed way of life. English is quite well spoken throughout Sri Lanka, and there’s always someone happy to help, making Sri Lanka quite an easy country to travel around. A smile goes a long way here!


Midigama East, Sri Lanka. Photo: Olivia Nysse.
Midigama East, Sri Lanka. Photo: Olivia Nysse.

3. The ‘Is this real life’ moment

It doesn’t matter what part of Sri Lanka you’re travelling to, there’s beauty everywhere. From the wildlife in Yala National Park, to the lush green tea plantations and picturesque mountains in Ella, to the never-ending clear water, and white sand beaches down south, each part of Sri Lanka is so different.

Travelling through this one country is so diverse. A must do is the train journey from Kandy to Ella. It is by far one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. Get some natural air con by sitting near the door of the train, as this is definitely the best place to sit. Trains are super cheap and an easy way to get around Sri Lanka, plus an experience in themselves!


The view from Ella Rock. Photo: Olivia Nysse.
The view from Ella Rock. Photo: Olivia Nysse.

4. The Surf

Whether you’re an experienced surfer, looking for the perfect surf break, or wanting to learn surfing for the first time, you’ll find a good spot down south. The most popular beaches are Marissa, Hikkaduwa, Weligama, and Unawatuna. There you’ll find surf schools located along the beach, with surf boards for hire for about 300 rupees ($2.50) for an hour to 1000 rupee ($8) for a whole day. So come on people, the best think you can do for yourself is pack your bags and go, trust me you won’t regret it!


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olivia nysse

Olivia Nysse

First trip overseas? A family holiday to Thailand ignited my passion for travel! I moved to Liechtenstein when I was 18 and spent one and a half years travelling and working in Europe. From there, I spent the past five years travelling Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Pacific Islands.
Your top travel tip? Throw yourself into the culture and explore with the locals.
What do you always take with you? An open mind!