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70 Hot Dogs in 10 Minutes - USA's Best Eating Comps

Published April 17th, 2017

#Lifegoals right here: people cheering you on as you eat as much as you can with the possibility of a cash prize at the end of a bucket of fried chicken. The USA is the world’s hotspot for competitive eating, a legit sport that has its own administrative league and a calendar of juicy events.

Even if you’re not up for stuffing your face for money it’s fascinating to watch others do so, and there’s always good food, good times, and a rowdy crowd to enhance the show.

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition, New York

Just to give you an idea of how seriously Yankees take their eating, this hot dog munching comp is in its 101st year and was originally held to settle a dispute between friends as to who was more patriotic. Contestants have to qualify for entry and the current record is a whopping 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

Baconfest at Dell’osso Family Farm, Lanthrop, California

Bacon is has a magical ability to make your mouth water, but eating 3.6kgs in eight minutes be a bit extra when it comes to curbing your cravings. Luckily this two-day festival also hosts an amateur event, where the winner only has to inhale 900gms of bacon in less time than his/her fellow contestants. 

Deep-Fried Asparagus Eating Competition, Stockton, California

One way to get your daily dose of veggies is to eat 5.5kgs of deep-fried asparagus in 10 minutes. This green pointy wonder is the star of the San Joaquin Asparagus Festival; - if you’ve got room for dessert then why not nab yourself an Asparagus Ice Cream cone? 


The real first ball

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Ball Eating Competition, Testy Fest, Montana

You read it right – this comp is all about who can eat the most deep-fried bulls balls in 10 minutes. Is there anything more to be said? 

The Denver Outlaws World Burrito Eating Championship, Denver

Imagine eating more than one bursty burrito from Guzman, then imagine eating 6.5kgs in 10 minutes – we’re guestimating that’s about 13 burritos. This is the current record held by the famous Joey Chestnut in this Denver burrito eating hoedown.

Day-Lee Foods World Gyoza Eating Championship, Los Angeles

How much do you love dumplings? Do you love them enough to eat 384 in 10 minutes? This competition is the highlight of the Nisei Week Japanese Festival in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.  

Acme Oyster Eating Contest, New Orleans

If oysters are actually an aphrodisiac then there will be some very frisky people getting around after The New Orleans Oyster Festival. The main feature is an eating competition; the pinnacle of competitive dexterous eating, with the record being 44 dozen oysters. That’s 528 oysters in just over eight minutes, folks. 

US National Buffalo Wing Eating Championship, Buffalo, New York State

188 wings in 12 minutes is the number to beat at this festival celebrating the Buffalo Wing in all its finger lickin’ glory. Now in its 16th year, the Buffalo Wing Festival is a weekend of deliciousness and live music that is hard not to love. 

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