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All the best Kiwi Slang to try on your Kiwi BFF

Published April 13th, 2017

If you haven’t seen the video of the beached whale who can’t eat chips then do yourself a favour and Google it after you’ve read this article. We all love taking the piss out of those gorgeous Kiwi accents, but once you’ve finally figured out what words they’re saying you still might not know what they mean. 

We just know you’re going to get friendly with the locals in Kiwi land, so here’s some slang to try out on your new Kiwi BFFs.


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The wops

The Kiwi version of whoop whoop, or the middle of nowhere, as in; “I’m not picking you up dude, you live in the wops.”


If your Kiwi mate says he or she is “popping into the dairy”, it means they are stopping by the corner store or convenience shop, not that they’re going to hang with cows.

Chilly bin

Esky. You’ve probably know this one but trying to say it in the Kiwi accent never gets old. 

Not even ow!

 “Whatever ” or “no way”: Person A: “You were totally checking out that guy”. Person B “Not even ow!”

Hard/ hardout

Used the same way we use it in Australia, but in almost every sentence.


Churr #nzrestaurant #nzslang

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It means thank you, I approve or I agree, and can also be used to say good bye. Probably stems from “cheers” but grunting chur at someone is much more satisfying.

Pack a sad

Throw a tantrum, go off in a sulk: “Don’t ghost her dude, she’ll pack a sad”.


Pronounced ‘bach’, this refers to a beach house or holiday home. No one seems to know where this term came from. 

Sad dude

This is used to describe someone who does something lame or uncool, such as smoke bomb when it’s his or her turn to buy a round.


If someone asks you to go tramping, don’t slap them; they’re inviting you on a hike.


3 days up the mountains. I want more!!

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A shortened version of far out, which can be as long or short as the situation calls for.  Eg.

“Faaaa that’s a nice looking car”

“Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that car just smashed into my letter box”

Mean as

Something awesome, such as “She cooked us up a mean as feed.”

Too much/ tu meke

When something is impressive or something awesome happens, such as getting a sweet as airfare to New Zealand.

You fellas

This is used instead of “you guys”, and refers to a group of guys or girls.


A ladies’ man, or someone/ something that has got game. 

Yeah nah

When you're a bit unsure about something, or don't know how to say no with out being rude; "Yeah, nah I can't make it to your seance bro".

Get wrecked

Get drunk, party hard, or another way of saying get effed. 

Tiki tour

The long way, the scenic route - the way you'd take someone if you were showing them around

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