Soz bae.


There’s now a holiday that lets you break up with your gf/bf and leave them there

Published April 1st, 2017

The truth is, no one ever really knows how best to break up with someone. Is there even a right way to do it? A right time? A right place?

Anyone who’s ever had to carry out the cringe deed knows that no time, place or words ever feel right.…..unless of course your ex was an a-grade cheating douche in which case, maybe that text on their birthday was totally justified?

What if though, there was a way to let them down while on holiday…...and then leave them there?

This is not a drill people.

Student Flights has come up with a new holiday package called, wait for it….’One Way For Bae’.

Basically you book return flights for you and your gf/bf to anywhere in the world and what looks like a return ticket for bae is actually a fake (and yes that makes the flights cheaper).

This goes out to all the people who either  want to let the other person down easy and be like, ‘But it’s okay because you live here now, we don’t have to see each other ever again.’

Or those people who want to be brutal

..and the day of your flight out be all like ‘Peace, that’s what you get for a) cheating on me b) never ordering dessert but always eating mine c) all of the above.’

But we also know that sometimes your best friend is with someone who is just plain terrible news.

Well this is the way to treat yo bff AND send their jerk bae on their merry way….                   

Then you and your bff can both celebrate when they get home…

Or go into damage control?

So what are you waiting for?

Pack er up boys, it’s time to leave your baggage behind! Find out more about our latest deal….

Student Flights

Sam Aldenton

Sam Aldenton is a travel writer, digital content creator (read: takes photos/videos with her iphone and sometimes a real camera) and former retail and youth trend forecaster. When she's not off discovering the world’s best pizza (an obsession picked up from her 4-years in New York), she makes her home in Brisbane, Australia. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram at @samaaldenton.