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11 Things Amy Schumer can teach you about travel

Published May 16th, 2017

So comedian and all-around awesome human Amy Schumer has a new movie coming out called Snatched. We haven’t seen it yet, but it looks like girlfriend and her mum get kidnapped and have to fight their way back home.

No idea if they make it or not but that doesn’t mean that Schumer isn’t a top notch person to dole out some travel advice. So here are 11 things Amy Schumer can teach us about travel, as told through the poetic nature of gif imagery...


1.Appreciate how awesome it is waking up in a hotel

At the start of your holiday that is, before you look forward to returning to your own bed.

2.Know when to say ‘I can do that’ and when to walk away

Sure that random cenote might look fun to jump into from a great height but if you don’t see any locals doing it, maybe it’s for a good reason.

3.Remember to drink water

Yeah sure partying on holiday is the best, but feeling like you’ve woken up in the Sahara Desert is not so much.

4.Research local customs before you head to another country

That way you won’t be blindsided by any unusual customs or maybe any awkward full body massages.

5.Make sure you try all the food

Don’t let the thought of having two lunches hold you back. Just put that second stomach to work because you may not have the chance to try that spicy bbq scorpion again for a while.

6.Bring back something for anyone who helped you get there

Like your mum, or Uber driver.

7.Keep track of what you and your friends owe each other

So that no one gets grumpy over who owes who what. One of the best apps for this is called Splitwise, it keeps track of who pays for what so you can just settle the difference with your BFFs at the end of your holiday.

8.Don’t be afraid to travel by yourself

Because that’s the best kind of travel and most importantly it teaches you resilience, self-reliance, and opens you up to a whole world of possibility not on offer when you have more than one stakeholder involved.

9.Always book with a travel agent

That way you won’t make the mistake of heading to Paris, Texas in the USA instead of Paris, France by mistake.

10.Eat a balanced diet...of more than just picklebacks 

Make sure you get plenty of tapas to go with those sangrias.

11.Listen to your mum

“Do you ever blackout while drinking, or as I call it time travel.”- Amy Schumer Always stick together and look out for your friends while in a foreign country.

Always think, WWASD?

That’s what we tell our agents every day. Jks. But seriously, our guys and girls are all over this stuff and like you, they too want to make sure you have an epic cheap as chips holiday. Hit them up over here or give them a holler on 1800 046 462.

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